GOD Ice Cream Fight

3 Things I Love About Guild of Dungeoneering: Ice Cream Headaches

The wonderful card-game dungeon-crawler hybrid, Guild of Dungeoneering, just released its second DLC — and it’s all about ice cream! Lured by dairy sweetness and the brilliant fun I had in the base game in Episode 1 of our podcast, I dove right in. During my first playtest, I discovered 3 things that made me instantly fall in love with this expansion.

So I made a quick follow-up video and post (no podcast this time) to share the expansion with you!

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GOD Ice Cream Map

Favor Cures Frustration

  • Favor is a new mechanic added in the expansion, which you can collect by placing dungeon tiles down with Favor markings, and then defeating an enemy on that tile.
  • You save up Favor and can spend it on one of 3 things, with your options varying per class. Most seem to revolve around removing class cards from your deck, playing/drawing additional cards, and removing cards from your opponent’s deck/play.
  • There are also some new pieces of loot that are “Favor-cursed” that have huge negative effects if you don’t have Favor stored up.
  • All in all, the system fixes two major problems that frustrated me in the base game.
  • It lets you farm up extra resources and power inside of a dungeon. So you can’t really get permantly stuck on a level the same way that you could before. You now have a way to invest a lot more time (if needed) to make sure you can power-up to beat the level.
  • It rewards clever dungeon-building and has no RNG. Fountains were fun, but it had a 50% chance of being a good or bad fountain. You always know what you place Favor dungeon tiles or spend Favor points and it really encourages you to be forward-thinking and strategic with how you build your dungeons.

The Ice Cream Monk Just Wants to Eat!

  • The first new class you unlock in the expansion is Ice Cream Monk, which is exactly as delicious and as fun as it sounds.
  • His twist on the gameplay is that he involves a lot of self-milling (tossing your own cards in the discard pile), in order to get bonus attack damage while your deck is empty.
  • His abilities all sound tasty and make me crave ice cream, like Double Scoop which shoots out one physical and one magical damage.
  • The story of the expansion all revolves around these Ice Cream Monks that live up in the mountains making delicious ice cream and hiding it from the masses. No longer! We the people will taste this elusive THRICE CREAM!

Brains Can Have Noses

  • The new wave of enemies in the ice cream mountains are all weird brain monsters, who are trying to destroy ice cream forever to prevent brain freeze.
  • The brains are all pretty weird and play off puns like Bird Brain (a brain with wings and bird feet) or Poindexter (a brain with glasses and a nose).
  • They also wander every turn (move to random nearby tiles) which can make lining them up on Favor dungeon tiles to make sure you get those sweet sweet Favor points quite challenging. It’s tough, but can be manipulated with good dungeon building, so it ultimately feels rewarding when you find ways to make it work.

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