Welcome to Game Diplomat

Hello there, friend.

My name is Josh and I like helping people enjoy life by playing games. I’m building a community of friendly gamers that help each other succeed and find new games to try.

Together, we make podcasts, articles, and videos that share our stories and our expertise. I hope you’ll join us!

GD Discord

Hang Out With Us in Discord!

Discord is a simple, FREE, totally awesome chat program that’s perfect for us. Think of Slack or IRC, with tons of cool features that help gamers play together, share their games, and just hang out and make friends!

We’d love it if you’d come hang out with us there. Just click this link to join the Discord group right now!

Play Games with us on Steam

Steam is a brilliant gaming store/network with tons of cool features. We’ve created a Steam Group on there, so that we can meet up and play games together.

The Curator tool there also lets us keep a list of all the fun games we’ve recommended on this site, so you can check them out anytime!

Enjoy the Things We Make

  • Game Diplomat: I do short reviews and video playthroughs for a podcast of wonderful games you might have missed. These are usually affordable indie games that are definitely worth your time!
  • Guides: I play a lot of ongoing online games, and when I learn a new trick or strategy to succeed in them, I make guides for it to share the goodness!
  • Game Development: I love making games, telling stories, and creating worlds. I also love to talk about them with you.
  • Ask Me Anything: I’ve been fortunate to work in the games industry as a writer and designer for 10 years now. I want to help others trying to break into the industry!
  • Comics: I love comics and wish that I wrote about them more. Maybe listing this here will force me to do it!

Our Retired Shows

Sadly, all good things must come to an end eventually, including some of the epic podcasts I’ve been a part of. These shows are no longer running, but might still be relevant to you. So here they are, in one tiny, easy-to-find list!

Oh, and in case you’re keeping score, all of my opinions and everything I do on this blog represents me and only me, not my employers — past or present.