Age of Empires Online Noob Login

Age of Empires Online: A Noob in its Natural Environment

Having devoted the last 30 days to helping noobs improve in AOE, Josh and Greg want to find out if they’ve actually succeeded in building a guide to help new players. So they grab their friend Gavin Townsley who has only dabbled in AOEO and walk him through the beginner process. Along the way, Gavin asks his noobish questions, and Josh and Greg do their best to answer.

Age of Empires Online Noob Quest

The Questions

1. Which Civilization would you recommend to a new player?

2. What should I do on my first day?

3. What should I ALWAYS do when I login?

  • Crafting mats
  • Look at Trade channel
  • Neighborly Defense (pre-40)
  • Alliance crafting turn-ins (post-40)

4. What community resources are there for picking the right civ, units, etc?

5. How do I prepare for PvP?

  • Skirmish
  • What are Alliance Wars? How do I prep for them? (This could be a repeat if this is PvP)

6. How soon can I play with friends?

7. My friends play Greeks and Norse. Should I play a different civ or can we be effective as the same civ?

8. Any questions about stuff to buy?

  • What are Empire Points?
  • What should I save my EPs for?
  • Should I purchase anything as a new player?
  • What is Vanity Island?

Age of Empires Online Noob Explosion


Greg is an entertainer extraordinaire, gondolier and PC Gamer contributor. Josh is a game designer at SOE and former editor for PC Gamer and the Official World of Warcraft Magazine.


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