Age of Empires Online Auggie

Age of Empires Online: Alpine Adventure

Break the build-grow-kill mold with Auggie and his wacky friends on the Alpine Adventure quest. Greg walks us through his favorite quest in the entire game, and shows us how to make it worth our time.


  • You must beat the first 3 Auggie quests that appear in your hometown before you unlock the repeatable Alpine Adventure.
  • Its a 12-hour repeatable quest, so if you don’t care about sleep you can do it TWICE A DAY!


The quest will play out a little differently every time you run it, but there are some steps you can take to ensure you a much smoother playthough.

We used nicknames in our tactic, and in the video, to keep our Hero units separate from other archers and priests:

  • “Auggie” = the augur (priest) hero
  • “Hawkeye” = the archer hero
  • “Thor” = the ram hero
  • “Pad” = a safe patch of grass where your units are healed.
  1. Thor destroys tower and gate, continues to on to destroy 2nd tower before returning to pad.
  2. Auggie converts soldier in Thor’s lane and his own. Move to 1st safe pad.
  3. Send Hawkeye to safe pad and let him attack from there.
  4. Move Auggie to 2nd pad and convert soldiers and archer in Thor’s lane, then returns to pad.
  5. Thor crushes gate and tower.
  6. Auggie converts archer behind wall in Thor’s lane and returns to pad.
  7. Thor breaks through tower and gate, continue on past pad to destroy another tower and gate. Leave Thor at top pad before lane curves left.
  8. Move Hawkeye forward on his lane slowly taking out units, leave on next pad.
  9. Auggie and his converted soldiers move slowly up the wolf canyon. Keep soldiers in front of Auggie. Stop at the pad.
  10. Thor moves forward to destroy the tower and continues on to destroy the next gate and tower behind it before returning to pad.
  11. Auggie moves up and to the left to convert priest and archer in Hawkeye’s lane, then returns to pad.
  12. Converted priest and archer move forward, convert/kill soldiers all the way to the final gate. Use converted soldiers and archers to thin out the last wolf canyon.
  13. Once the wolf canyon is almost empty, move Thor and Auggie through the last gate.
  14. Move Hawkeye from pad to final gate, killing units along the way.


  • Auggie has a tendency to leave the safe zone to go after enemies when you aren’t looking.
  • The second that Hawkeye lets loose an arrow on a wolf, keep on trekkin.
  • Your Ram dude is a tank and can handle more damage than you think.
  • It’s always better to convert the enemy then kill them. Heartlessly use your new found friends as meat shields against Towers and wolves.

Age of Empires Online Ram Augur


Tawaret’s Sandal Maker, Commander Vercassivellaunos, Trainer Conall

Gear for Ram

Three main stats: Move speed, building damage, health
Infantry: Heavy Anubite Armor, Breastplate of Ares
Ram head: Fist of Kronos, Pharaoh’s Ram Head, Ram Head of Khnum
Equipment: Legion Enforcer’s Wheels, Wheels of Archimedes


  • You have all the time in the world, unless you want to get the secondary objective (and you know you do). In that case, it must be completed in under 10 minutes.


  • Your choice of 3 green uncommon, 1 Blue rare or another Level 37 chest.
  • 50K in XP
  • 150 Coin
  • Level 37 chest
  • Bonus Objective Rewards : Level 37 chest and 150 gold


Greg is an entertainer extraordinaire, gondolier and PC Gamer contributor. Josh is a game designer at SOE and former editor for PC Gamer and the Official World of Warcraft Magazine.


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