Age of Empires Crete Wonder

Age of Empires Online: Defense of Crete

When Crete is in peril, King Minos sends out a call for the greatest warriors in all the land. Josh and Greg pack up their picnic and head to the mediterranean sea to protect the boy wonder from thousands of soldiers conveniently marching in isolated and progressively larger packs.


  • You or your co-op partner must own the Defense of Crete booster.
  • You can play it either solo or co-op at any level, but we’re playing it at level 40 with co-op.
  • We tried the default map at Impossible difficulty, with 30 waves.
  • Level 40 players new to the mode should start on the default map on Moderate difficulty with 10 waves, and work up from there.

Age of Empires Crete Settings


Phase 1: Before the first wave

  • Send villagers to top
  • One player: Age up and build Age 2 units
  • Other player: Age up and build towers
  • Resources and houses

Phase 2: Waves 1- 4

  • Get at least 3 towers up on one side
  • React to the units coming and train the counters
  • Start trading
  • Resources

Phase 3: Waves 5 – 10

  • Age up and clear resources off of the top corners of base to build more towers there
  • Build castles
  • Train priests to support + more counters
  • Watch out for enemy siege and priests — will completely destroy strat

Phase 4: Waves 10 – 15

  • Build TC up north and start training villagers there
  • Build more military-producing buildings for quick spawns
  • Build castles and walls
  • Make sure trade routes are clear
  • Train Siege and deploy them at bases of castles all over the front cliff-line — Use them to kill siege and priests asap
  • Train raiding parties that can move quickly. Leave bulky blockers behind
  • Train more priests

Phase 5: Waves 15 – 20

  • Be better than us and see this stage.

Phase 6: Waves 20 – 30

  • Be way better than us.

Age of Empires Crete Tower


  • You must build troops and towers right away. Don’t get tricked into playing for the late game.
  • Waves will always bring the same types of troops as the first wave (plus others), but that unit type is decided randomly at the start of the match. Wait to see for the first wave before you invest heavily into a troop type.
  • Choose who goes for towers and who goes for units based on what civs you’re playing. If someone has great age 2 units, but weak towers, the choice is easy. Rule of thumb: I want Babylonians building towers and Celts building age 2 units.


Greg is an entertainer extraordinaire, gondolier and PC Gamer contributor. Josh is a game designer at SOE and former editor for PC Gamer and the Official World of Warcraft Magazine.


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Special thanks to Josiah Pang for making our logo, Jason Shaw for the music, and all the community that helped us improve our strategy on the forums.