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Age of Empires Online: How to Win Co-op Missions

Josh and Greg put their friendship to the test by tackling the quests that require a co-op partner in this week’s episode. While battling the unwavering onslaught of warriors attacking their base, they talk about what it takes to be a good co-op partner, how new players can make friends while leveling up their civs, and how to use your best friend as a meat shield.

Basic Game Plan

  • Communicate early with your co-op partner
  • Establish gold trade caravan routes early
  • Have one civ build counter units to what your scouts see
  • The other creates units that complements and supports their partner’s army
  • Lay waste to the enemy and shore up each other’s weaknesses

How does co-op work in AOEO?

  • Button in the bottom-left of Quest menu, if have someone in party, it will be auto-clicked, otherwise click it to look for partner
  • You almost never HAVE to co-op, but it’s almost always beneficial

Why do you want to co-op?

  • No penalty to XP or chests earned
  • Beat quests faster
  • Make a friend
  • See new versions of the same quests

Age of Empires Online Coop Game

Steps to being the best co-op partner of all time

1. Find someone who needs help

  • It could be a friend online
  • Look in LFG channel
  • If you own premium content, try asking for a co-op partner — let them know that you’ll host so they can play the quest for free
  • Great way to try quest packs before you buy them (e.g. Greg buys the northern invasion pack and josh buys Norse)

2. Communicate at start of the mission

  • Ask them what their strategy will be and if they want you to focus on any units in particular
  • Do both players know how the mission works and what the objective is?
  • Talk about what units you want to build and when you want to attack
  • Ask your partner how you can support their strategy, if they want to rush, offer to rush with them or stay home and defend their town
  • It’s good to be courteous and follow their lead, but don’t let them do anything too stupid
  • Look in LFG channel
  • If they tell you they want to send villagers to rush the castle at 2 minutes in, help them realize that would be a very bad idea.

3. Expect things to go wrong

  • No plan is perfect and there’s no doubt that something will go wrong. Don’t freak out
  • Adjust your strategy and suggest ways for your co-op partner to adjust as well

4. Be aware of your teammate’s objectives

  • Sometimes the host player is the only one that can capture an objective or move a special unit
  • In that case, the co-op partner’s job is just to be the meat shield
  • If you don’t have the quest, make sure to ask what they’re trying to do.

Age of Empires Online Coop Friend List

The DO’s and DON’Ts of co-op

Watch for idle villagers in your ally’s town. If you see some, wait 30 seconds to give your teammate time to notice them. If not, kindly let them know. Yell at your partner for not having as strong of an economy as you or demand resources from them because you didn’t plan ahead.
Create a caravan trade route ASAP with clear, unobstructed lanes between marketplaces and Town Centers. Be selfish when building your Town Centers. Place one far from you ally’s market so they get more gold when trading with you.
Build units to support your ally’s army, not just your own. Fight over who gets to make all the coolest-looking units.
Grab all the bonus chests you can find, even if it means sacrificing a lot of your units. Don’t freak out when your ally grabs all the bonus chests. You both get chests whenever one is looted.


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