Age of Empires Online Egypt Goat

Age of Empires Online: Palace Race Egypt

Josh and Greg don their pharoah garb to tackle the Alliance Wars quest Palace Race: Egypt. Their goal: ensure their faction gets a new resort built before the other jerk, and pick up a few sweet reward chests along the way.


  • Two level 40 players
  • The players must be in the same Alliance (you can switch by opening the Alliance menu, clicking View Alliances, and then clicking Leave Alliance)
  • Go to your Alliance capital to get the quest Palace Race: Egypt

Basic Idea

  1. Both players start with a tiny base with a few buildings, units, and the foundation of a Palace wonder.
  2. One player controls 2 priests, 2 villagers, and a scout. It’s his job to convert enemy villagers to collect resources, build defensive towers, and grind away on building that wonder.
  3. The other player controls a hero unit that can create military units at the base. His job is to use the military to protect the priests, punch holes in the enemy’s defense to let priests through, and defend the home base.
  4. Your shared goal is to convert as many villagers as possible and complete construction of your wonder before the enemy builds theirs in a protected corner of the map.

Age of Empires Online Egypt Convert


Player 1: Convert and Build Player 2: Defend Priests and Town
1. Send your scout and priests to the camp of gold miners on the small ridge directly north-east. Convert the villagers. Use the two villagers at your base to build towers on the north and east side of the wonder. 1. Send Imhotep directly over to the stables and start cranking out horsemen. Send the horsemen as they come out up to cover the priests.
2. Have the first converted villager build a storehouse next to the gold deposit. Have it gather wood, while the rest in that camp gather gold. 2. Once you have 3 horsemen (the max), start building archers and sending them to protect the newly created storehouse.
3. Move the priests directly east and convert the stone gathering villagers. Build a storehouse and mine the stone. 3. Once you have 6 archers (the max), send Imhotep to the barracks. Send any infantry you create to protect the wonder (6 max for these guys). They are slow and best used for defending the villagers at home.
4. Move north to the wood-gathering camp and convert a few roaming horsemen for protection. Make sure they don’t kill the villagers, who should be sent immediately back to build your wonder. 4. Maintain a good look-out with your horses. They are your most powerful unit, but can be converted easily. Use them to run down the enemy priests looking to steal them away.
5. Gold is coming in from your first camp. Use it to train more priests at base and send them to the nearby logging camp to the west. Send those villagers to work on the wonder. 5. Keep a continuous flow of infantry over to the wonder as they die. The soldiers are great fodder while under the protection of the towers. They’re produced quickly too, so keep Imhotep on the barracks whenever you have 3 horses on the map.
6. Move Priest Pack 1 to the north and find the gold mining camp on the edge of the cliff. Convert and have them mine it. Check back at previous camps and have idle villagers (use the hotkey button on the top of the screen) go build towers around the wonder, then build the wonder itself. 6. Help priests expanding in northeast—they’ll run into heavy resistance there. Expect lots of enemy horsemen and priests. send your horsemen and be proactive about killing enemy priests quickly and make sure there are always troops distracting the enemy army while your ally’s priests convert them.
7. Move Priest Pack 2 along the west border of the map, grabbing villagers. Create a new pack of Priests to go towards the middle of the map. Watch out for large armies and especially enemy priest packs in the western canyons. 7. Now that the northeast should be secure, change your focus to the west. The AI loves to send packs of archers and priests through the canyon pass there to your base, and your ally’s priests and villagers will get converted and/or slaughtered without you. Send your archers to cover their advance.
8. At this point, you have all the gold and stone you need. Make sure you’ve built as many towers as you can around your wonder and then make all villagers work on your wonder ASAP. Move your Priest Pack 1 to the far right corner of the map and convert like crazy. 8. There won’t be much pressure on the east side while priests are in the safe corner. Patrol the central area with your horsemen instead, but make sure the east villies have a safe path to run back to town.
9. Keep priests moving towards unexplored areas. If you have more gold, build some priests for defense and help your buddy defend the villagers. 9. You’re almost there. Funnel your archers and soldiers back towards the wonder. Always have 3 horsemen on the map at all times. Always. Forever.
10. Never stop converting new villagers and checking for idle villagers that you can send back to the wonder. 10. Scour the map with your horsemen, assisting where needed to slay the evil priests. Also, make sure you take all the credit for the win.

Age of Empires Online Egypt Gold


  • Gold is your top priority, especially early on. You’re going to need lots of priests to hit the secondary objective
  • Send priests in small packs to cover more ground. 3-4 is the perfect amount.
  • Make sure your villagers have safe routes to run to the wonder after converted. Enemy troops will convert or kill all your traveling villagers if you’re not paying attention.
  • If you’re a consumable-using kinda fella or gal, two bandit fortresses placed near the statues marking the front of the enemy base will do a lot to keep the enemy at bay.
  • Priests do not convert faster if more than one is converting a villager, so micromanage to make sure they’re all on different targets.
  • If you’re in the Council of Imhotep, use his empower ability to help construction in the home town go quickly in between military spawns.


Player 1 (priests + villagers)

Player 2 (military)


Main stats: Conversion resistance, Health, Move speed
Council of Imhotep:

  • Current civ Scout (x1)
  • Greek Sarissophoroi (many)
  • Greek Hoplite (many)
  • Greek Toxotes (many)

Carthage and Delian:

  • Egyptian Camel Riders (many)
  • The others (Warriors and Archers) cannot be geared

Age of Empires Online Egypt Towers


  • 3 minutes: Start training your next pack of priests
  • 5 minutes: Have two packs of priests roaming
  • 10 minutes: Convert at least 50 villagers (100 is ideal, but not necessary to win the base quest)
  • 19 minutes: Have your palace built. This is the deadline when you will fail the mission.


  • 15 Alliance Points
  • 500 Coin
  • 3x Level 40 chests
  • Bonus Objective Rewards : 1000 Coin and 2 Level 40 chests


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