Age of Empires Online Civ List

Age of Empires Online: Picking the Right Civ

New players unite! Josh and Greg lead the community in compiling their best tips for new players jumping into Age of Empires Online. This week, we start with the basics: picking your civilization, setting up your capital city, and starting your first quests.


  • Be a noob

Noob Question #1: What does AOEO change from earlier AOE games?

  • EP
  • Gear
  • Leveling civs individually

Age of Empires 2 Town Center

Noob Question #2: What civilization should I play?

Do you like to try before you buy or go all-in?

  • Pro (Persians, Babylonians, Norse) — skip early levels, get decent gear
  • Premium (Greeks, Egyptians, Celts) — learn units gradually, more story with campaign

What kinds of quests are you looking for?

  • Easy — Greek
  • Simple — Egyptian
  • Complex — Celts
  • Out-of-the-box — (go all out!) Pro civ, buy Northern Invasion + Fertile Crescent

Do you want to focus on infantry, archers, priests or horsemen?

  • Infantry: Celts, Norse
  • Archers: Persia, Greeks
  • Priests: Egypt
  • Cavalry: Egypt

Do you like to turtle or jump out the gate early?

  • Turtle: Babys
  • Rush: Norse

Age of Empires 2 Monks

What was your favorite civilization in AOE2?


  • Aztecs (infantry + frontline priests)
  • Celts (infantry + siege)

  • Byzantines (buildings + counters)
  • Chinese (economy, science)
  • Teutons (Buildings, economy)

  • Goths (fast infantry, mobile + empowered Barracks)
  • Huns (fast rush and constant harrass, but not cav archers)
  • Vikings (infantry + boats, weak cav, decent archers)

  • Japanese (Fishing, Infantry)
  • Spanish (Trade, missionaries, versatile)
  • Turks (gunpowder, late-game offensive)
  • Briton (archers) – Greek?
  • Mayans (archer, resources) – Greek/Baby?

  • Mongols (cavalry)
  • Persians (Elephants!)
  • Saracens (camels, with strong infantry and archer support, navy)

  • Franks (ranged infantry, knights, and Castles)
  • Koreans (Defense, Siege, Sea)

Age of Empires 2 Elephants

How to set up capital city

  • Appearance
  • Shops
  • Crafting
  • Customization buildings

Why play AoEO?

  • Improvements since launch
  • Skirmish Mode is the best part of AOE2
  • New civs added 4 times a year
  • Holidays
  • More campaigns than earlier AOE games


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