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Age of Empires Online: Questing and Crafting for Profit

It’s time to make it rain coins, and not just the sweet chocolaty kind, I am talking cold hard cash. Josh and Greg are joined this week by our first-ever guest host, Andy Pierce. Andy has broken it down to hard calculations and lists of the best ways to make profit from crafting and questing.


  • You can start questing for income at anytime.
  • You must to pay for the full civ to unlock the full crafting potential.
  • You must have roughly 8k coins to invest to get your crafting empire up and running.

Making money by questing

Pros: Involves playing the game we love to play, meet friends
Cons: Possible to fail; requires time investment

My formula for evaluating quests:
(coins earned + chests earned) / (time required to beat) = Profit per hour

The 5 most profitable quests

  • A New Pharaoh’s Challenge — 5 minute blitz, that’s very easy to mess up. If you can win it, you get crazy rewards. If you miss out on the secondary objectives, don’t bother.
  • Skirmish Rush  — Much more friendly to new players, but requires co-op. Tons of AP and chests, but takes a bit longer.
  • Persian Coercion  — Also new player-friendly (Josh objects as Celts!), but must be done solo.
  • Legendary Marion — One of the most difficult quests in the game, even as co-op. Will need great equipment and teamwork to succeed, but the rewards are worth it. 5 day cooldown.
  • General Zu, What Did You Do? — This one is debatable, but it’s a fun quest and only included in the Fertile Crescent booster pack. Skip it until you can buy that pack.

Age of Empires Online Recipe

Making money by crafting

Pros: Steady stream of income, little effort required
Cons: Not very exciting

Each civ can have 8 regular and 2 premium in their capital city. There are 10 workshop types in the game: 5 regular (Farmer, Logger, Mason, Skinner and Smelter) and 5 specialty (Alchemist, Scrivener, Toolmaker, Weaver and Gem Cutter). Each has 3 recipes (specialty) or 4 recipes (regular) that you can use to craft materials.

Use those crafted materials to build items at your crafting school buildings (Infantry, Archery, Construction, etc.)

The 4 most profitable crafting recipes (of the 400 in-game)

The first three vend for 84c and CFHA vends for 92c. All of them only require uncommon materials (such as leather, bronze, olive oil, oak, wool, resin, and scrolls of lore).

For logging in 5-15 minutes a day to collect materials and craft in 5 max-level civilizations, you can earn 5,119.95 coins per day.

Step 1: Buy your recipes
(all of them also have a chance to drop from chests)

Step Two: Build the appropriate Workshops
All blueprints for building Workshops in your capital city are found in either the General Store (regular) or Advanced Crafting Store (specialty), both of which are available to all players. Look at the materials required for your end product and build the correct ratio of Workshops. For example, if an item requires 10 leather and 5 stone blocks, make sure you have 2 leather-producing Workshops for every Workshop producing stone blocks.

Step Three: Queue the recipes
Open each Workshop, click the material you want it to make and click Start. You should see a lively animation start on the building to indicate it’s working.

Now wait for the materials to generate. The first item should be ready to go within an hour, but you can wait up to a couple days for most recipes before the Workshop inventory is full.

Step Four: Craft and vend your gear
Move the generated materials from your Materials Workshops into your inventory. Then go into your Crafting School (for instance, Infantry School for crafting Obsidian Inlaid Belts). Craft the gear and store it all in your inventory.

Finally, go to a store (any store will do), and sell the gear for coins.

Step Five: Repeat step four as often as you can

Make sure you check out for a fantastic fan created website that looks at the ever changing market in AoEO.

Age of Empires Online Chat


  • Don’t just pick one: do both questing and vendoring, rotating between them as you get tired of one.
  • Use the empire vault to move your materials quickly between civilizations. 8 slots should be enough.
  • Trust Andy’s math, this guy sounds smart.

Why do it?

  •  Having coin lets you buy almost anything in the game
  •  You were probably just letting your crafting mats clog your bags anyways


Tons of coins, chests, and some AP


Greg is an entertainer extraordinaire, gondolier and PC Gamer contributor. Josh is a game designer at SOE and former editor for PC Gamer and the Official World of Warcraft Magazine. Andy is a man with a plan, a plan that he wants to share for free with all the other lovely fans of AoEO.


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