Age of Empires Online Village Burn

Age of Empires Online: Skirmish Rush

What’s a Skirmish Rush and why is everyone in Age of Empires Online doing it? Josh and Greg jump into the fray and learn to torch Town Centers to bring you the inside strategies and covert tactics used to succeed in this new gameplay trend. Join us as we uncover how to grab the best rewards in the empire in under 20 minutes.


  • Team: 4 players vs. 4 AI
  • Mode: Skirmish (Cyprus)
  • Map: Oasis
  • Size: Small
  • Victory: Standard
  • AI general: King Narmer
  • AI civilization: Celts
  • AI difficulty: Unstoppable


  • All players rush 1-3 villagers near enemy town
  • Each build a Barracks + 1 house
  • Put Villagers mostly food and gold, and tiny amount of wood
  • Spam Spearmen
  • When your group has 10, mob a Town Center and kill it
  • Kill any military you encounter and ignore everything else
  • Immediately abandon defeated towns and run to the next TC
  • Constantly create reinforcements
  • Hope you’re fast enough to kill all 4 before they can build an army


  • 1:00 – Barracks built
  • 2:00 – Attack
  • 2:45 – First TC falls
  • 5:00 – All TCs destroyed


  • 1,2,3: Build Barracks, then food
  • 4: Wood
  • 5,6: Gold [Note: Babylonians need more gold, Persians and Celts need none]
  • 7,8: Food

Age of Empires Online Gear


Advisor: General Leonnorios




  • 15 max-level chests
  • 6 level-21 chests
  • 165 Alliance Points
  • 1260 coins


Josh is a game designer at SOE and former senior editor for PC Gamer and the Official World of Warcraft Magazine. Greg is an entertainer extraordinaire and former PC Gamer intern.


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Special thanks to Josiah Pang for making our logo, Jason Shaw for the music, and all the community that helped us improve our stategy on the forums, especially Tminc94, badasskilla2306, and DynasticPlanet5.