Age of Empires Online Halloween City

Age of Empires Online: Spooky Puppies

It’s the spookiest time of the year, when patches pop out of nowhere to ambush us with tons of new in-game content. Josh and Greg jump into the new quest pack, civilization, vanity items, and features and quickly pick sides in the what-part-should-you-buy-first holy war. Which side will prevail when they fight to the death to defend their choice between the Norse civilization and Northern Invasion map pack?


  • Norse is a new civ: pro, no new quests. Just get the civ. 900 EP
  • Northern Invasion is new quest pack. Over 20 unique quests, some unique rewards.


Age of Empires Online Halloween Norse
Buy Norse: Josh – 900 EP

  • Very first task as a Norse is to slaughter an entire town of wimpy Celtic spearmen, then use full army to destroy 3 of their entire towns — it’s glorious
  • Throwing Axemen: remember from AoE2 — just as fun
  • Dogs: brand new and so much fun to harrass with. FEAST FIDO!
    • I had 24 within my first four minutes of playing Norse. They killed everyone
  • Rhapsode: This dude plays a guitar with a beer mug attached to that — how rock and roll is that
  • Seer’s Ravens: amazing for planning your armies in PVE or PVP — wish it had timer though
  • Raiders: Crazy fast horses with +400% dmg vs villagers
  • Ulfhedin: Spearmen that move crazy fast and drop on all fours stabbing like mofos — they’re basically animals.
  • Everything about these guys is epic: Their “ram” is a dude lugging a giant boulder on a chain.
    • And you can upgrade him to hit people with it! The boulder just flattens anything.

Age of Empires Online Halloween Quest Pack
Buy Quest Pack: Greg- 450 EP

  • First off it is half the price of a civ at 450 EP with over 20 unique missions
  • You can use ANY of your current civs at ANY level.
  • You get to control a Hero Unit named Vemundr
    • He is the first Hero unit in the game that you can upgrade on the fly, he also has special
      abilities you can activate that make him INVINCIBLE.
  • No need to manage 4 different resources, gold is all you need to worry about.
  • All new game mode
    • Like Battlefield you get points by controlling outposts, you gain gold by controlling treasuries, you use the gold to create more troops.
  • You can play against the Norse and use your priests to convert their units, so you get to control any of the new units without buying the pack.
  • If you enjoyed the camel races in the egyptian a new form is back, run as fast as you can a a series of walls and reach the end zone before your competor
  • It can be done solo but has an awesome co-op mode.
  • You can use the remainder of what you would have spent on the new civ to spend on the awesome new vanity items or city consumables.

Age of Empires Online Halloween Store

Compromise? Vanity Gear for all
Favorite vanity gear piece + unit:
Greg: Pumpkin head on villager
Josh: Halloween weapon on axe-type people, turns into scythe

More to agree on: City consumables way too expensive?
We’re BFFs at this point: quest stats rule


  • If you get Norse…. play PvP and rush like a crazy person
  • If you get the pack…. learn how to use the gold
  • If you PvP (a quick rundown of the changes made in the balance)
    • Raiding caravans is easier
    • Guard towers are better
    • Priest conversion is much harder
    • Rams are better
    • Ballsitae dont kill buildings as well
    • Greeks buffed, Persians even, Egypt nerfed, Celts buffed, Babs buffed


Greg is an entertainer extraordinaire, gondolier and PC Gamer contributor. Josh is a game designer at SOE and former editor for PC Gamer and the Official World of Warcraft Magazine.


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