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dreadsteed fight
It flies, it burns, it dies a thousand deaths but never dies! It’s the terrifying Dreadsteed! We’re trying a completely different format for the show this week — an episode devoted entirely to a single card. We hope it’ll provide some insight into deck-building, playing around specific cards in your […]

Hearthstone: Dreadsteed Card Guide

hearthstone stage blizzcon 2015
We had so much fun at BlizzCon this year, and Hearthstone players were there en masse, having fun, making friends, and playing games! We break down all the news, share our hands-on impressions of the new Adventure, and discuss our favorite moments of the show. Subscribe to The Happy Hearthstone […]

Hearthstone: BlizzCon is the Best

Dragon decks are typically slow, control-heavy decks that take their sweet, sweet time killing their opponents. But Ben’s surprisingly aggro Dragon Priest deck goes straight for the throat, with some big fat dragons wading in late as backup if things stall out. Subscribe to The Happy Hearthstone Podcast on iTunes […]

Hearthstone: The Priest Dragon Deck

Mech Mage Hearthstone deck list 9
Another challenger rises from the community to claim ownership of the Happy Hearthstone Reigning Deck Battle Champion Throne of Incredible Awesomeness and Gilded Wings. (We really gotta come up with a shorter name for that). This week, Dan brings a powerful Mech Mage deck, which uses all of those fun […]

Hearthstone: The Mage Mech Deck

hearthstone tournament bracket 5
The Hearthstone community is awesome. We’ve got player-run friendly tournaments, sponsored tournaments for the pros, strategy groups that get together to talk about the latest decks and how to play them, social clubs, and everything in between. This week, we bring on a listener of the show who’s hosted professional-quality […]

Hearthstone: Host Your Own Tournament!

Frothing Berzerker Hearthstone 8
We welcome Redbeard, the winner of Happy Hearthstone’s first-ever community tournament, on this week’s show! After defeating scores of listeners in the tournament, he rises to challenge Dan’s almighty, unbeatable Beastmaster Hunter deck! Will Redbeard’s aggro Warrior deck be the one to finally end the Hunter’s reign of terror? Subscribe […]

Hearthstone: The Barbarian Warrior Deck

Hearthstone Mage Secrets Deck 7
Another challenger approaches! This week, David brings on his own special Mage deck–built on lies and secrets–to challenge Dan’s claim to the Happy Hearthstone throne! Can Dan’s Hunter Beastmaster deck withhold David’s onslaught, or will his reign as the Happy Hearthstone Champion Deck be short-lived? Subscribe to The Happy Hearthstone […]

Hearthstone: The Secret Mage Deck

voidweaver hearthstone art
We’ve talked about the basics, we’ve talked about the game modes, we’ve talked about hands-on impressions, and we’ve talked about the casual gamer interest. Today, we talk about everything else! Lucas Sullivan joins me for this week’s episode, and we take a scatter shot approach, talking about all the little […]

Hearthstone Podcast: Leftover Questions