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Do you have 3 friends? Do you often enjoy having fun with these friends, perhaps in the same room, maybe while laughing, joking, and playing games? Do you and/or these friends own game controllers?

Good, then you meet every requirement needed to play the best couch-coop game in years: Crawl. So grab your friends, grab your controllers, and go have some fun fighting in dungeons!

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Crawl Death

How to Play Crawl

  • It starts just like an old arcade game. You enter your initials to open your save game file, setup your character, and then lock in and wait for your buddies to the do the same.
  • Then your characters all get put into a small room, with some set dressing and the narrator gives you one of many randomized reasons for why you’re all about to do the unspeakable — kill each other.
  • The last player standing becomes the starting hero — the only one of you who are in human form, and they play a dungeon-crawling experience like you’d expect in other games.
  • The rest rise up as ghosts and can then possess traps, summon monsters, and otherwise haunt the hero.
  • When they kill the hero (and believe me, they will), whoever dealt the killing blow takes over the hero’s body and becomes the hero. The former hero then becomes a ghost, and the vicious cycle continues.
  • Dungeon-exploring is pretty straightforward. You move and fight in real-time, and the dungeon is a set of 2D rooms connected via doorways.
  • The hero has to explore the dungeon, battle monsters and collect gold to buy loot from the shop, so they can get powerful enough to take on an old god — the final boss.
  • Whoever kills the final boss gets out alive, and everyone else is trapped in eternal torment. So the stakes are pretty high.
  • If you fail a boss fight, you’ll need to explore down to a lower layer of the dungeon to find another portal to try again. You only get 3 attempts total, and then the dungeon run ends.
  • Bonus Disclaimer: You really need 2 things to enjoy playing this game: a controller and friends. Playing against AI isn’t nearly as fun, and using a mouse and keyboard will make you want to die.

Crawl Monsters

7 Reasons to Drop Everything and Immediately Play Crawl

(Each of these points is discussed in detail on the podcast. Listen to it!)

  • Fighting with your friends is suddenly hilarious and fun!
  • Every monster is a unique snowflake… of pain, death, and torment!
  • You can wield ultimate power forever! (Or until the match ends)
  • Traps are delightfully wicked. You will cackle like a demon at least once per match.
  • Watch this trailer!
  • You can worship different gods, and blasphemy is great!
  • It’s got them sweet old-school boss mechanics you’ve been craving.

Crawl Boss

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