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Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten

Tower defense gets a story-tastic overhaul in Defender’s Quest, a brilliantly polished and wickedly clever RPG/Tower-Defense hybrid game made by three people. The core strategy gameplay rivals anything in the genre, and the level of polish and depth of features make it feel like a AAA game in disguise.

Recruit heroes, train them up, conquer the world with them — oh, and kill plenty of sheep along the way. Your dragons are hungry!

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How to Play This Game

  • It’s a 2D, top-down tower defense strategy game. Things run at you, and you must place heroes that will kill them as they run past.
  • These running-things will be sneaky and try to mess you up. Sometimes they’ll run really fast. Sometimes they’ll take a break from their march to munch of your friend’s face. Sometimes they’ll crash through the walls like the Kool-Aid man and flank you mid-level. They will never ask politely to borrow a gardening tool or challenge your political beliefs.
  • All those heroes you use to fight the endless hordes of running-things will get more powerful over time, and you will use their newfound power to kill more running-things. Because you’re the boss of them and they have to do what you say.
  • But these heroes will have a lot to say during the campaign story, which uses cinematics to let you know what’s going on with these suddenly independent killers-of-running-things. And, as it turns out, they’re really quite entertaining!
  • As you collect more heroes and fight your way through the story, you take on bigger challengers and conquer them together THROUGH THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP! … and swords. Swords really help a lot. Maybe even more than friendship.

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7 Reasons to Drop Everything and Immediately Play This Game

(Each of these points is discussed at length in the podcast. Listen to it!)

  • The brilliant writing and characters will make even the curmudgeoniest of curmudgeons laugh!
  • You get to name all of your characters… anything you want! Anything!
  • Librarians have superpowers in this world!
  • Characters have many viable build paths!
  • It’s re-replayable!
  • There’s a Bad Guy that must be stopped!
  • You kill lots of sheep!

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