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Dungeon Rushers

Do you dream of finding treasure in dungeons? Of slaying goblins in dungeons? Of building your own dungeons for other adventurers to do such things in?

Dungeon Rushers is all about that turn-based RPG pastime of slaying monsters inside dangerous and confined spaces — and letting you get creative with your own dungeon-building.

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How to Play Dungeon Rushers

  • When you enter a dungeon you see just the room you’re standing in, and can see the directions you can travel in.
  • So you choose one and step into it, hoping it’s not filled with horrible monsters, traps, or cursed idols.
  • Your adventurers have some special abilities to deal with problems like that — disarm traps or peek around corners to see what lies ahead, for example.
  • But, at some point, you’re going to have to bash the evil skeletons or whatever other ghouls you come across.
  • Combat is simple turn-based RPG stuff, where you take turns choosing one of three abilities to use on each character and try to whittle down the enemy.
  • As you clear through the dungeon, you’ll eventually find the key or whatever it is you need to snag that big treasure chest at the end, and then you hop out!
  • But that’s just one battle! Like any good RPG, you’re upgrading your characters, crafting items, buying from vendors, and completing quests as you go, to level up and make your team stronger to take on the next set of challenges!

Dungeon Rushers Combat

Reasons to Play Dungeon Rushers Right Now

(Each of these points is discussed in detail on the podcast. Listen to it!)

  • Trap Other Players in Your Dungeon!
  • It’s Not All Scary PVP
  • The Campaign is Light-Hearted Fun
  • Heroic Mode Makes it Fun to Replay Levels
  • Epic Castles!

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