WoW Monk Serenity Peak Bow

Enlightenment: The Secret to Leveling Your WoW Monk Quickly

How did that funky panda bear climb to the top of the leveling ladder and join your raiding group so quickly? It wasn’t ungodly sleep deprivation, it’s a simple two-minute daily quest hidden in the mountains of Pandaria, in the Monk refuge on the Peak of Serenity.

The buff, Enlightenment, gives you +50% experience from quests and kills for 1 hour and stacks up to a maximum of 2 hours. Yes, it is absolutely as incredible as it sounds. And thankfully, you don’t have to go far out of your way to get it every day.

How to get the Enlightment buff every day

WoW Monk Serenity Peak Transcendence
1. All Monks receive the Zen Pilgrimage spell at level 20, which teleports them to the Peak of Serenity anytime they please.

WoW Monk Serenity Peak Arrival
2. Teleport and speak to Master Hight in front of you. Accept his daily quest and go speak to the monk master you must defeat.

WoW Monk Serenity Peak Fire
3. Bow to Chen to start the fight, which is simple as long as you roll out of the fiery explosions quickly. It’s raid training lite!

WoW Monk Serenity Peak Win
4. Beat up Chen until he falls to his knees in defeat. When you left, you were but the learner. Now you are the master.

WoW Monk Serenity Peak Turn In
5. Run back to Master Hight at the top of the temple and turn in the quest.

WoW Monk Serenity Peak Enlightenment Buff
6. Check out your sweet buff and use Zen Pilgrimage to teleport back to where you were before and keep questing!

Bonus perks in The Peak of Serenity:

  • Every 10 levels you get a new quest to revisit the temple. Their XP reward scales with your level, and they give you bonus Englightenment buffs, so save them all for when you hit 85 to get maximum benefit.
  • Master Chang (outside and to the east of the questgiver) sells buff food/drink for every level range. It’s cheap and you can get there from anywhere in the world without disrupting your questing.
  • Other NPCs in the monastery will repair gear, sell Monk quest rewards for Transmogrification, and train you in several professions and trade skills.
  • Zen Pilgrimage is a great way to escape a sticky situation without blowing your Hearthstone cooldown. And unlike a Hearthstone, Zen Pilgrimage can return you to the zone you just left, if you want to.