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Guild of Dungeoneering

Guild of Dungeoneering is a unique hybrid game that mashes up cards, puzzles, deck building, roleplaying, strategy, and tower defense into one tiny, wonderful bundle. You grow your base, train recruits, and power them up by leading them through dungeons for that holiest of holies in gaming: loot. Battles are played out with a simple and addictive card game.

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How It Works

  • Upgrade your guild hall to recruit different classes of adventurers, ranging from barbarians to mimes to mathemagicians.
  • Take your adventurers into dungeons to complete quests. Level up and collect loot inside of each dungeon.
  • Use cards to build the dungeon and plant loot and monsters to manipulate your adventurers’ movement.
  • Build your adventurer’s deck and defeat enemies in combat with a simple, fun card game.
  • Die. A lot. It’s okay, adventurers keep joining your guild to die for your cause!

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Why You Should Play It

  • Dungeon delving is delightful fun that’s easy to figure out. Effectively building the dungeon around your adventurer’s objectives is a nice break from adventuring and is very rewarding when done right.
  • It’s relaxing and perfect for stop-and-go gaming. There are no time limits, no reaction requirements, and it can be played entirely with the mouse.
  • It has a witty sense of humor that keeps me smiling the whole time.
  • Classes are surprisingly deep and encourage you to try totally different playstyles and strategies as you unlock them.
  • Losing doesn’t feel bad. There’s no penalty beyond having to start the dungeon again, and the funny quotes on your dead adventurers’ tombstones hide your guilt!

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