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Hearthstone: Beta Key Giveaway

We’re giving away Hearthstone beta keys this week!

Like I mentioned this morning, we’re currently in the beta and we’re absolutely blown away by how much fun we’re having! We stopped playing just long enough to record a special episode to talk about the cool things we’ve seen and done in-game so far, and what’s really surprised us about it.

We want you to join the beta too, so read on for details on how you can win 5 beta keys!

UPDATE #2: We’ve been told we’ll receive another batch of beta keys to give away this week! Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Winners have been selected below, and all of the keys have been claimed. Thank you very much to everyone that participated. The card choices and the songs submitted were absolutely incredible!

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Hearthstone Group Play Art

How to win a Hearthstone beta key

We’re giving out 5 Hearthstone beta keys, and there are 5 ways for you to enter! You can participate in all 5 contests if you want, or just pick and choose between them. The existing beta rules set by Blizzard apply.

Winners will be picked on Friday, 8/23/2013 in order to give time for all the podcast listeners to participate!

1. Post a comment below
Winner: Cristina

2. Join our Google+ Community
Winner: Ben Sumners

3. Retweet this message on Twitter
Winner: Dangerwithin_

4. Tell me in an email what single card in Hearthstone you’re most excited to play in beta and why
Winner: Jean Josay, with her short essay on the power of frogs, their devious plotting, and the Hex card

5. Record yourself singing the Card of the Week intro song!
Winner: Joe Henshaw, with an awesome barber shop jingle that’ll work perfectly on the show!

As a side note, I was absolutely blown away by how many amazing songs were submitted! It was really, really hard to pick just one. I’ll be featuring all of the rest–including some sweet bagpipe playing–on future episodes of the podcast!

Hearthstone Beta Armor


  • Chris and Derrick are on the show this week
  • Topic: OMG BETA
  • Reasons to be happy this week: ONLY BETA

What class did you play besides Mage?

  • Josh: Rogue, Priest — Rogue removal was very handy, Priest heals + card draw vs Chris was great
  • Derrick: Using Mage, I unlocked Priest, then using Priest I unlocked Warlock (a little tough, he likes board wipes)
  • Chris: Warlock

Have you spent money yet?

  • How reimbursement works for beta purchases
  • Josh: I’m buying the $50 pack and will open all of them on a livestream soon!
  • Derrick: None spent yet
  • Chris: Nope, and not sure that I will. Seems like I enjoy the game as is, so I wouldn’t mind spending the time to try for the super rare drops.

Biggest Surprise?

  • Josh: Voiceovers and the full infrastructure built to add an awesome campaign mode in the future
  • Sheep > Raptors
  • Warhammer 40k?
  • Derrick: Each hero deck “levels up” as you play it, so you’re gaining XP, and at various thresholds you unlock new cards. It always tells you (tooltip) what card is coming next.
  • Chris: How smooth everything was. This feels very launch-ready, based on my limited playtime. I can’t wait for them to polish it even more!

Best card you’ve actually used in-game so far

  • Josh: Assassinate. It’s not always efficient, but the starter decks are limited environments, due to the small card pools, and being able to remove the one big bomb their deck has is super valuable.
  • Derrick: Northshire Cleric. And Fireball is just amazing for Mages. I also enjoyed Nightblade, which has a nice Battlecry effect that gets around Taunt minions.
  • Chris: War Golem. BOOM! Makes the entire board rock when it attacks.

Describe a cool trick you saw/played

  • Josh: Northshire Cleric x2 + Taunt minions every turn + Power Word: Shield + Priest heal hero ability = 3 cards per turn
  • Derrick: This game is all about combat. Profitable attacking into minions, and using a taunt dude that can [barely] survive an exchange, to maximize its attack on their turn!
  • Chris: Saving up my minions, and attacking all at once. Josh–I mean, your opponent–will never see it coming!


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