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Hearthstone: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Review

Happy Feast of Winterveil! Josh and Scot have prepared the ultimate stocking stuffer for you: an epic 4-hour-long episode of Happy Hearthstone!

We review every single card in the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion, and tell you what we like about it, what we hate, and fight over the final scores — all for your entertainment and maybe even (dare I say it?)… EDUTAINMENT!

Don’t forget to check out our Review scores spreadsheet, which has individual comments and scores from each of our four Review Panel experts (Josh, Scott, Ryan, and Matt)!

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  • Scott is the guest this weeek!
  • Topic: Review EVERY SINGLE Mean Streets of Gadgetzan card — it’s 4 hours long!
  • Reasons to be happy this week

Review Scoring Guide

The Spreadsheet

Below, you’ll find a very basic summary of our thoughts on each card. To get all the juicy details and drama that rose up between our panel of 4 reviewers during the review process, check out the official Happy Hearthstone Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Review spreadsheet.

In it, you’ll find all the good stuff you see here on this page, plus individual scores and comments on every single card by each member of our review team! I hope you enjoy it!

A huge thanks to Matt, Scott, and Ryan for putting in tons of time and effort to help us do this review.

The Review

This list contains our Scores (Constructed Score | Arena Score) and a very short comment.
Be sure to check out our spreadsheet for an in-depth analysis of every card by each person on our review panel!

Hearthstone MSG Common

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Shaman Cards

  • Call in the Finishers: (4|2) – Prays day and night for a combo. Broken when it finds it.
  • Jade Lightning: (4|2) – In a Jade Golem deck, does major work.
  • Jade Chieftain: (4|2) – Bigger mana premium than most Jade Golem cards.
  • Devolve: (3|2) – Scott thinks this is hot garbage.
  • Jade Claws: (4|3) – Rogues everywhere are jealous. WTB!
  • Jinyu Waterspeaker: (4|4) – Underrated effect can have a big impact.
  • Finders Keepers: (4|3) – Double Overload synergy!
  • Lotus Illusionist: (3|4) – Please not Big-Time Racketeer! Only 6 downgrades out of 78 options
  • White Eyes: (4|4) – Good vanilla taunt unit, not sure how to combo well

Hearthstone MSG Warlock

Warlock Cards

Hearthstone MSG Warrior

Warrior Cards

Hearthstone MSG TriClass

Tri-Class Cards

  • Jade Spirit: (3|1) – You have to play all the Jade Golem cards if you play any.
  • Lotus Agents: (2|3) – Huge card pool means less control and more bad options that could pop up.
  • Aya Blackpaw: (5|3) – The lynchpin of all Jade Golem decks. Don’t play without it.
  • Grimestreet Smuggler: (3|3) – BOOORING!
  • Grimestreet Informant: (2|3) – SNOOZE!
  • Don Han’Cho: (5|5) – This woke us back up. Hello there, beautiful. Fun first, combo later.
  • Kabal Courier: (3|3) – Everyone wants Mage cards. Hello, Frost Bolt.
  • Kabal Chemist: (2|3) – Potions are just okay.
  • Kazakus: (5|4) – Life of the party. Incredibly fun, and his spells are overtuned.

Looking for more analysis? Check out our Review Spreadsheet for lots more insight and opinions!


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