Hearthstone Cards Demon Hunter

Hearthstone: Rogue and Hunter Cards

My original WoW love and Dan’s current infatuation collide in this episode, where we break down the cards for the Hunter and the Rogue heroes. Who will top the DPS charts, and who will get benched?

Dan also brings more than his wonderful voice to this week’s episode–he brings a giveaway! To win a preferred beta access code for Infinite Crisis (a DC Universe MOBA), just leave a message in our Google+ community or on Twitter! We’ll pick the winner randomly from all the submissions in about a week.

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  • Dan is on the show this week
  • Topic: Picking favorites and least favorites from Rogue and Hunter cards
  • Reasons to be happy this week

Who is Dan?

  • History with card games
  • History with Blizzard games
  • History with this show!

Hearthstone Cards Rogue

Rogue Cards Overview

Our favorite Rogue cards

Cards we are excited to play, even if they’re not necessarily the best by objective standards


  • Patient Assassin – Great flavor and style. Perfect trick to take care of any bombs that threaten to spoil your plans. The control in this Rogue deck is going to be so much fun.
  • Cold Blood – Only play when comboed. Put it on a minion that can hit the hero. For 1 mana you deal 4 damage to hero and kill at least one minion when they have to swing at it next turn.
  • Defias Ringleader – Passes vanilla test, extra good with combo. Cheap creature that can help proc combo for another card cast after it if needed.


  • Blade Flurry – A hard one to totally pinpoint but if the rogue will be focusing on weapons then this will likely sweep the board in your favor when used. So 2 mana to do so could be real solid.
  • Backstab – 2 damage for 0! (see a pattern?) perfect for combos!
  • Shadow Step – Friendly bounce for 0! Great combo with Defias Ringleader or Si:7 agent

The best Rogue card

The most powerful card that we think should be in every deck


  • Preparation – Awesome in its own right, and absolutely insane with the importance of playing multiple cards in this deck. Works perfectly with Rogue’s strategy.


  • Head Crack – I say this because I think with low cost things you will effectively be doing 2 damage to enemy every turn for 2 with combo which brings it back to your hand). Essentially mid to late game you now will have the hero abilities of TWO heroes which is why I like it over not liking it.

Rogue cards we hate

Cards we personally don’t want to play, or will hate to play against


  • Wicked KnifeUPDATE: This is the knife summoned by the Rogue hero ability, despite its mana cost being listed as one, instead of two. Sorry for the confusion!
  • Assassinate – This is a great answer for a bomb, but the Rogue deck has so many damage tricks and combos so well off of a lot of smaller cards being played, this seems unnecessary most of the time.
  • Headcrack – 2 damage to the enemy hero every turn is nice. Basically you now have the Hunter hero ability, but my gut just isn’t in this one. It feels off.


  • Fan Of Knives – I am going to hate to see this cast on me. 1-2 damage to all my minions will suck. Especially if I am Shamen or Hunter
  • Sprint – 4 cards for 7 seems a bit too expensive and won’t be able to use any of those cards until next turn, if you are still alive. Why not just use Adrenaline Rush?
  • Betrayal – I will hate it of course but it seems entirely too situational. Will it be used enough?

Hearthstone Cards Hunter

Hunter Cards Overview

Our favorite Hunter cards

Cards we are excited to play, even if they’re not necessarily the best by objective standards


  • Hunter’s Mark – Cheap, reliable removal
  • Misdirection – I love these sorts of cards because they just make your opponent so angry. It feels so good to hit them in the face with their own stuff.
  • Explosive Trap – Did I mention that I love secret cards? Plan is to be defensive with Hunter and just ping at hero.


  • Animal Companion – My Research says on avg will be 2.8 cost avg and 2.9/3.0 type creature but the gambler in me says I love to take that chance. It’s only cast 3 so worth it! Animal companion will be a good discussion since many co-hosts have said they hate random and I say BRING ON THE DICE!
  • Multi Shot – : Think deadly shot (cost 3) but in 90% of cases you will be killing 2 two things for 1 more mana. This still says effective to me.
  • Flare – Is it too situational or does the Draw 1 card offset that?

The best Hunter card

The most powerful card that we think should be in every deck.


  • Eaglehorn Bow – I’m kind of in love with Secret cards, so this is going to be great in my deck. I hope I can keep it in my hands at all times. This + Hero ability every turn.



Hunter cards we hate

Cards we personally don’t want to play, or will hate to play against


  • Timber Wolf – 1/1s are almost never good, especially when the enemy can single-shot them any time they want to.
  • Explosive Shot – You can remove minions for less mana, and the adjacent damage won’t always be effective
  • Bestial Wrath – I want to be hitting the hero with Hunter deck, not creatures. Immunity doesn’t last to your opponent’s turn


  • HyenaUPDATE: This is a token summoned by another pet. Sorry for the confusion!
  • Tracking – Sure I like picking which card I can get but I don’t like discarding 2. I wish it said put the others to the bottom of your deck. In a game where you don’t reshuffle this could hurt you bad. If we play the game and see that it rarely happens that you run out of cards then I am fine with it though
  • Tundra Rhino – It might be 2 / 5 but it just seems expensive at 5 for something that’s not crazy impactful IMO. At that cost how many others will you get out to use the charge effectively?

Card of the Week

Hearthstone Kidnapper
Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife.


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