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Hearthstone: The Best Free Warlock and Rogue Decks

We’re building more free decks this week! Hearthstone gives you a lot of fun ways to earn card packs for free, but new players will want to build some reliable decks early on to make sure they can get the wins they need to complete those daily quests!

Last time, we built the best free Druid and Priest decks. We’ve got aggro and control represented this week as we build the best free decks for Warlock and Rogues!

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  • Topic: The best free decks for Warlock and Rogue
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How Free Cards Work

  • Each hero starts with a set of free spells and you unlock more as you level them up
  • You also get a big heap of neutral minions immediately when you start
  • All of these free cards are combined into the “Basic Set”
  • Blizzard built some starter decks, but they’re far from ideal. We’re going to make better ones.

How To Make The Best Free Decks

  • Level the class you want to play to 10 to unlock all of your options
  • Go to “My Collections” on the main menu and filter the cards by “Basic Set”
  • Put the cards we list below into your list, and look if you already have the ones we suggest crafting and upgrading to.
  • Website view: Free Rogue Cards, Free Warlock Cards, Free Neutral Minions

Hearthstone Free Warlock Win

The Best Free Warlock Deck

Strategy: Zerg. Zerg hard. Play creatures that offer utility as well as a body. Cheap cards with double top deck power to overwhelm your opponent early in the game.

The Deck List

First Crafting Goals

If you enjoy this deck, you’re going to want to untangle the mixture of two popular Warlock decks: Murloc and Zoo. Murloc is less popular right now and Zoo is considered very strong so we are going to work towards the standard Zoo deck with our upgrades.

Hearthstone Free Rogue Win

The Best Free Rogue Deck

Strategy: Play efficient minions at a slow pace, while you use removal spells and weapons to slow down your opponent’s aggression. Survive to the mid and late game, where your efficient use of cards will give you the advantage you need to bully out your opponent.

Deck List

First Crafting Goals


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Card of the Week

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