Hearthstone Standard Deathrattle

Hearthstone: Welcome to Standard

My brother may have beat me into the world by 4 years, but it’s taken me almost as long to convince him to come onto the podcast with me! Finally, on the verge of a big Hearthstone shake-up, he brings his older-brother wisdom onto the show to help us all understand the nuances of all the changes and figure out the best way for each of us to have fun in the brave new world of Post-Standard Hearthstone.

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Hearthstone Group Play Art


  • Matt is on the show this week
  • Topic: How to have fun in the new game modes
  • Reasons to be happy this week
  • News: Whispers of the Old Gods!

Standard vs. Wild: What’s Right For You?

Hearthstone Standard Druid

What cards are you sad to see go into Wild?

What cards are you happy to see go into Wild?

What deck are you going to miss playing the most?

  • Josh: Demon Warlock
  • Matt: Mech Mage

Hearthstone Standard Cthun

Rapid-Fire Advice


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The Dust Bowl

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Card of the Week

Hearthstone Blade of Cthun


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