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Hex Auction House: How to Build Decks For Cheap

You don’t need to spend money to build a massive collection of cards in Hex. With some patience and a taste for the hunt, you can use the in-game Auction House to pick up cards on the cheap for gold. That means no real-money currency, just the free coins you earn while playing PVE content like the Frost Ring Arena.

I’m also building guides for some fun PVE decks to build to beat that content quickly to pocket plenty of Gold. But, for now, we know that we want to build our decks without breaking the bank, so let’s talk about two easy and free tricks to building your PVE decks with Hex’s Auction House.

Hex Auction House Search

How to Find Cheap Cards on Hex’s Auction House

The first thing you want to do when starting to build your card collection in Hex is grab anything you can get for free. Ask friends for extra cards. Ask in the global chat channel. Hex players are extraordinarily friendly and generous, compared to other MMOs and TCGs I’ve played. You can only have a maximum of four copies of any card in your decks, so many people are willing to give away their extras for cards that aren’t super rare or valuable.

Hex Auction House Gold

Bid on all the cards you don’t own under 10 Gold

  • Set Your Filters To: Currency=Gold, PriceMax=10
  • Pro Tip: Bidding only on listings with <12 hours remaining will save you lots of time with only a small drop in success rate.

Once you’ve asked for some early starter cards, it’s time to hit the Auction House. This first tactic is simple, but can take a fair amount of time. There are an amazing number of cards listed for less than 10 Gold. Seriously — it blew my mind the first time I did this search. I expected to find a few listings, but instead found over a thousand!

10 Gold is literally 0 Gold (sort of). You get close to 10k Gold for a single Frost Ring Arena run. That means that one run (which can take a couple hours with a slow deck), can buy you ONE THOUSAND CARDS. Of course those cards won’t be the top-notch, mind-breaking Legendaries you craft decks around. But it will net you all of the deck staples and cards that fill out your decks. Having a stockpile of stock cards is essential for any deck builder.

I recommend bidding on these cards once or twice a day. Preferably late at night right before you go to sleep, when the Listings are most likely to expire while people are sleeping, lessening your chances of getting outbid.

At some point, though, you’re going to get exhausted of doing this search, because of how many card listings you have to go through and bid on. Think about that: You’ll be pocketing so many “free” cards that you’ll get tired of it! The constant flood of mailings letting you know you’ve been outbid, and then needing to go re-bid on cards does add a lot of maintenance to the process.

Once you reach that point, when you’re no longer sure if you want to throw out a hundred bids every time you check the AH, switch to only bidding on cards you actually want to use. Ignore weaklings like the Rigid Buffalo and focus on cards that you think will fit into the decks you want to make. For me, that means grabbing things with types (plants, zombies, clerics, humans, etc.) that I think look fun, and cards that look strong enough that I’d actually run them in a deck.

Hex Auction House Inner Conflict

Bid on More Than You Need

  • Pro Tip: Hovering your mouse over a listing in the AH will tell you how many of those cards you already own.

Like I mentioned earlier, you can only have 4 of a single card in any given deck. So there’s not much use in buying more than 4 of these cheap cards — these cards are much less likely to suddenly spike up in price than rares and Legendaries with very niche roles.

But that doesn’t mean you should only bid on 4 copies of the card! If there are 10 listings up there for less than 10 Gold, I’ll typically bid on all of them. That gives me room to get outbid on some and still get the 4 I need. Plus, it’s easy to give/trade/sell any extras I pick up along the way. I want to help my friends get hooked on Hex when they try it out, and handing them a big pack of extra commons I’ve accumulated seems like a great way to get them playing with me quickly!

And, hey, worst case scenario is that I lose 10 Gold. Which, I believe we’ve already scientifically proven means literally nothing. So, bid in bulk!

Hex Auction House Orcs

How To Build Your PVE Deck

Filling up your arsenal of cards with cheap pickups is a good start, but you aren’t going to build a top-notch PVE deck with only commons. You’re going to have to splurge on a few fancy cards and that means ponying up a bit more Gold.

Hex Auction House Human

Pick a Tribe

  • Set Your Filters To: Currency=Gold, Search=[Keyword]
  • Pro Tip: Write keywords you’re interested in on a post-it note and keep it on your desk.

As I build up my collection and fine tune my own decks, I’m going to build deck lists for my favorite PVE decks, which you can use to find the deck you want to build first! But, for now, the easiest place to start building a PVE deck is picking a keyword for a race (like Humans) that you want to build around.

This type of deck is typically called a “tribal” deck because it focuses on one group of creature. I really like building tribal decks, and think it’s a good place to start, because it’s pretty easy to figure out what cards will work well in it. Does the Troop have good stats? Does it have the right keyword? If a card passes both those tests, it’ll probably do just fine.

There are a lot of tribal options, though. Search for each keyword on the Auction House and read some of the cards to get a feel for each tribe’s style, and then pick one.

Here are some tribal keywords you can consider building around with Sets 1-3:

  • Human
  • Orc
  • Dwarf/Robot
  • Plant
  • Dinosaur
  • Vennen
  • Coyotle
  • Elf
  • Necrotic

Hex Auction House Savage Lord

Pick 3 Core Cards

  • Set Your Filters To: Currency=Gold, Search=[CardName]
  • Pro Tip: The most valuable tribal cards won’t always be available for Gold . You may need to wait awhile to find them.

You’re going to be refining your deck over time, but for the first iteration, focus on grabbing the few key cards with tribal effects. You’re looking for things like Throat Cutter that says “All Orcs you control get Rage 1” or Bramble Creeper (Other Plants you control get +1/1 and Skyguard) or War Prodigy (Humans you control have +3/3 and Steadfast).

These tribal cards will increase the value of every other Troop card in your deck, making them high-value pick ups early on. But their increased value also means an increase in demand for them, which will force you to pay more for these cards.

So just pick a few that you really believe in at first, and focus on getting multiple copies of them for your deck. If you pick ’em right, these will be the backbone of your tribal deck for years to come, so they’re absolutely worth the extra Gold cost.

Hex Auction House PVE

Buy PVE Cards

  • Set Your Filters To: Currency=Gold, Set=PVE
  • Pro Tip: There aren’t as many PVE cards listed for Gold on the AH, so if you only have time to search for one thing a day, search for these!

Not all cards in Hex come from card packs. Card packs have PVP cards, but there’s a whole plethora of PVE cards as well, which can’t be used against other players.

Here’s the catch, though: They can’t be used against other players because they’re insanely overpowered! Cards like Shiitake Chef, Ushul, and Spearcliff Cavalier are just objectively stronger than PVP cards, and will be your fastest ticket to building a powerful dungeon-running deck in Hex.

Because there aren’t too many different PVE cards yet, the market is actually a bit flooded. That means they’re really not as expensive as they should be, so they will be the best bang-for-your-buck buys that you can grab for your deck right now!

Hex Auction House Graph

What’s Next?

There are a lot of great website that track the price of cards on Hex’s Auction House over time. All of these sites use the official Hex API, which means their data is 100% reliable and identical. So, you can use whatever site you prefer.

Personally, I use HexSales because I love its minimalist UI, clear graphs, and easy-to-understand stat lines. HexPrice is another great site that attempts to provide additional insight into Gold prices by tracking the current conversion rate of Platinum-to-Gold (based on pack sales). Creators of both sites have been super responsive and friendly when I offer feedback or request additional features, so I’m happy to suggest both!

In the future, I’m going to do guides on the following topics to help you take your new PVE deck to the next level:

  • Equipment: The little items that provide big buffs to your cards!
  • Deck Lists: Full list of cards in my favorite PVE decks, which you can try out on your own!
  • Dungeon Guides: As new dungeons come out, I’ll share my strategies for stripping them down for fat loot!

But for now, I hope this guide helps you build up your card collection in Hex without paying a dime — and have some fun trying out some new decks in the Frost Ring Arena while you’re at it!