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Four years after players first got access, the most ambitious card game ever published is ready for you to jump in. Hex has been on a slow development road, but with the latest release of its second PVE adventure zone, I’m ready to wholeheartedly recommend it.

To me, this is a solo-player card game with more customization, progression, and deck-building options than you’ll ever have time to try out. It’s a deckbuilder’s dream. I’ve already poured hundreds of hours into tinkering with decks and testing them out in PVE dungeons — and if you enjoy that sort of thing at all, you’ll love this too.

(Note: Hex is an online game with multiplayer, and other online functionality. It has an expansive PVP side, but I’m more interested in the PVE side and am recommending it for that — so that’ll be our focus on the show and livestream. The devs have also promised to add a lot of social and co-op features in the future, but those are not implemented yet.)

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How to Play Hex

  • At it’s core, Hex is a card game. If you’re familiar with Magic or Hearthstone, you’ll have a pretty good idea of how to play the game.
  • You build a deck of cards — spells, troops, weapons — all the usual stuff — and take that deck into battle against AI in a PVE campaign or against other players in PVP.
  • In the match, you’ll build up resources to spend on playing spells and troops other tools of war. And you’ll use those combat your opponent and hopefully defeat them.
  • There are a ton of different modes to play in, like Gauntlet (which is similar to drafting in Magic or Arena in Hearthstone), ranked ladder, and huge weekend tournaments.
  • Two of the major big-picture differences in mechanics are that most card buffs/debuffs are permanent (even after death), and less-strict resource requirements that make it easier to play multi-shard decks.

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7 Reasons to Drop Everything and Immediately Play Hex

(Each of these points is discussed in detail on the podcast. Listen to it!)

  • The gameplay is familiar and easy to pick up for card game veterans!
  • The devs are mad scientists!
  • You have MMO-level customization!
  • The solo campaigns are long, unique, and fun!
  • You can farm dungeons for gold!
  • Everything can be bought or sold on the Auction House!
  • So. Many. Holidays!

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