Potatoes Craft

Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!

You already know if you should play this game. Search your heart. Did the goofy title fill it with child-like wonder and joy? Then read on, happy potato person, Because you’re going to craft silly weapons across the entire universe!

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How It Works

  • Craft outrageous weapons in an adorable smithy and sell them to nearby adventurers.
  • Recruit and train new potato-shaped artisans to join you on your most epic of quests!
  • Put more brain power than you ever expected into maximizing the efficiency of assembling adorable armaments.
  • Laugh at the clever, goofy characters that stop by your shop to tell stories or offer challenges.
  • Continuously dance to brings tools of death and destruction into this plane.
  • MURDER EVERYONE. Just kidding! This is a happy game filled with happy spuds making happy duds! Just smile and love life!

Potatoes Sell

Why You Should Play It

  • It proves there is joy in this cold, dark universe.
  • You will enjoy watching potato people dance. You may even be inspired to dance with them. Don’t resist. It’s infectious.
  • It entirely overflows with delightful, quirky fun — from knock-off names like Lara Craft to delicious-looking ice-cream-cone planets.
  • Maximizing efficiency and upgrading your shop without going bankrupt is addicting fun and sometimes quite tricky.
  • The constant pop culture references surprise AND delight! The ultimate one-two-potato combo!
  • It’s relaxing and stress-free. All the fun of a Facebook time-sink game without any of the artificial paywalls.

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