EverQuest Poster Rain of Fear

I just played a quest I made in an MMO

This is absolutely surreal. I just played an EverQuest quest that I conceived, built, and troubleshooted from scratch. It’s going to be on live servers and played by thousands and thousands of players.

It was a slow process because I had to learn almost literally everything at each step as I made the quest. Database values, scripting sequences, and all those behind-the-scenes tinkerings required to make a quest fun, memorable, and not crash everyone’s client due to a misplaced semi-colon. It was incredibly worth it to see my imagination manifested and infused with life in this world.

It’s equally humbling, terrifying, and inspiring.

Getting crazy

I think the story itself turned out quite well. The general themes and overall purpose of the quest were handed to me and I was able to maneuver within that framework. This particular quest revolves around escaped slaves, madness, and murder.

Tapping into the darker side of fantasy is fun, and something I’ve wanted to do since reading the Diablo 3 novel. I used music to help get in the mood while writing dialogue and questlines. Specifically, Thrice’s The Earth Will Shake for the dystopian/revolting prisoners feel and Scissorkick’s Beat Beep Butterbumps mix for the chaotic madness vibe.

Where to find it

The quest is only on an internal beta server right now, but it will be going to live EverQuest servers in the future as a part of the Rain of Fear expansion that was just announced last month.

Not much information about the zones has been released yet, so I’ll have to wait to tell you where you can find the quest in-game. I’ve already wrapped up a second quest, and am close to having two more completed and ready on top of that. If you play EverQuest, I’d love to hear what you think of it after it’s released. (And be nice, my heart is tender!)

Riddle me this

If you could write one quest into any MMO, what would the themes or characters be?