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League of Legends Podcast: Lore Library

I love the stories we can tell, and help create, in video games. Nothing grabs my mind quite like a super creative backstory for a hero, or a moving relationship between characters that we get to see evolve.

So many games have created wonderful worlds filled with interesting characters, but League of Legends is the biggest one to captivate my curiosity over the past few years. There are now 115 champions in the game for players to pick from, each with a fully developed backstory, conflict, and reason for wanting to fight.

My new podcast, Lore Library, will launch later this week, and be dedicated to looking at the awesome stories behind the champions we control in League of Legends. Why are they in the League? What do they fight for? Where do they come from?

In each episode, we’ll explore the cool origin stories behind one champion, their relationship with the other heroes of Summoner’s Rift, and all the other wonderful little details that connect them.

But what does this mean?!?!

I’ve listened to several lore/mythology-focused podcasts, and I’m very aware of how boring they can be. I want Lore Library to be, first and foremost, fun. More like a conversation with a friend than an encyclopedia entry.

I won’t tell you every little detail about the highlighted champion (it’ll focus on one champion per episode). Instead, I’ll pick out the stuff I think is interesting and unique, and summarize wherever I can to keep it from getting too dull.

I’m releasing the first episode this week, but I’m confident that the format and length I use will be far from ideal. I’d greatly appreciate your help: tell me what parts you think are interesting, which parts I should cut entirely, and what other elements you want to know about the champions that I didn’t discuss.

You can always send me your feedback on Twitter or just post a comment on any of the Lore Library articles.