Magic Dragons Maze Preview

Magic: Dragon’s Maze Preview

When dragons build mazes, mortals cower in fear. But not the brave guilds of Ravnica! Here in the city of guilds, where Magic: The Gathering’s latest set is based in, we sprint into the maze and fight to the death.

But what can we expect as we charge into this maze? Which cards do we want by our side, and what creepy creatures should we be afraid of, come launch day!

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  • Greeting
  • We DON’T have a show name!
  • Introduce Topic: Grand Prix thoughts and Dragon’s Maze preview

Tales from the Grand Prix

  • What we thought
  • Selling cards
  • Drafting and having fun

Gatecrash Overview

  • Breakdown of the new mechanics: split cards and more
  • Guilds and secret alliances
  • Which one we picked for prerelease and why

Our favorite Dragon’s Maze cards

Our favorites, not necessarily the best by arbitrary standards



The best card in the entire set


Voice of Resurgence


Advent of the Wurm

Dragon’s Maze cards we hate

Can be the objectively worst cards, or cards we personally hate



The worst card in the entire set


Emmara Tandris rage


Awe for the Guilds


Drown in Filth

Plans for Saturday Pre-Release event

  • Any plans for how to play your guild on saturday?
  • What color are you hoping to splash in, if any?


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