Magic Gatecrash Review

Magic: Gatecrash Review

Gatecrash is out. It’s fast, it’s terrifying, and it’s ready to be judged by Adam and Josh on their new podcast, Mana Screwed. We talk about our impressions of the Gatecrash set for Magic: The Gathering, how we did at the pre-release tournament, and review the set as a whole.


  • Greeting
  • We have a show name: Mana Screwed!
  • Introduce Topic: First impressions of Gatecrash

Pre-release experience

  • How did we do?
  • What guilds were most popular?
  • Which were most interesting and successful?

Gatecrash Review

  • Balance
  • Complexity
  • Fun
  • Drafting
  • Rating the set as a whole

Reviewing our favorite Gatecrash cards from the Preview

We thought they would be our favorites, but were they?



Now that we’ve played, what are the actual best cards in the entire set?

(Planeswalkers excluded)


  • Wrecking Ogre – Double strike + Bloodrush is insane. I took 18 dmg in one turn
  • Slaughterhorn – +3/2 for 1 green, uncounterable.
  • Madcap Skills – Lands on a 2/1 on turn 2, and suddenly you’re at 13 health with 3 turns to draw removal or lose.


Reviewing our most hated cards from the Gatecrash Preview

Are they as bad as we thought they’d be?


  • Mental Vapors – Yeah, it’s as bad as it looks
  • Millenial Gargoyle – I’m not as down on this as I was. It’s still not great, but any evasive creature can be useful for Bloodrush and Cipher.
  • Midnight Recovery – I got 5 of them and didn’t play one. Way too reliant on other factors.

How cheaters cheat and what you can do about it


  • What cheaters do
  • How you can stop them
  • If you can’t stop them, report them

Plans for our work league

  • What colors do you want to play?
  • What color combos work best together in this set?


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