Magic Pro Tour

Magic: Pro Tours and Grand Prix

Can you make money playing Magic? Can anyone make playing Magic? Adam and I take a look at the two biggest events in the Magic: The Gathering world, the Pro Tour and the Grand Prix (which is coming to San Diego this week!). We talk about why we love them, what average players can do at events like these, and finally debate whether competitive Magic is worth the cost.

Bonus surprise on this week’s podcast: find out how Adam broke the law, lost money to pros, and drove literally minutes to reach a Pro Tour event.


  • Greeting
  • We have a show name: Mana Screwed!
  • Introduce Topic: Pro Tours, the Grand Prix coming to San Diego

Tales from the Pro Tour

  • What we know and like about MTG Pro Tours
  • Favorite Pro Tour stories
  • Pro Tour dreams (Do we ever want to someday be on it?)

Upcoming San Diego Grand Prix

  • Balance
  • What’s it all about
  • Why we’re going
  • Drafting
  • Talk about the format for the grand prix (modern)

The Price of Magic

  • Is the cost of Magic reasonable?
  • Costs at the different levels of play
  • How much is too much to spend on a card?
  • Some of the most expensive cards in modern now

Adam’s currently-unnamed two-player Magic mode

  • What you need
  • How to play it
  • Our plans to play it this weekend at the Grand Prix


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