Crawl Level
Do you have 3 friends? Do you often enjoy having fun with these friends, perhaps in the same room, maybe while laughing, joking, and playing games? Do you and/or these […]


Hearthstone BlizzCon Schedule
In this short Special episode, hosts of Happy Hearthstone past and community superstars make their bold, sometimes-crazy predictions for what the big Hearthstone news will be at BlizzCon later this […]

Hearthstone: BlizzCon 2016 Prediction Special

Defenders Quest Swarm
Tower defense gets a story-tastic overhaul in Defender’s Quest, a brilliantly polished and wickedly clever RPG/Tower-Defense hybrid game made by three people. The core strategy gameplay rivals anything in the […]

Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten

Potatoes Craft
You already know if you should play this game. Search your heart. Did the goofy title fill it with child-like wonder and joy? Then read on, happy potato person, Because […]

Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!

Hearthstone Pickpocket Hand
It’s a hard life for rogues out of the street. They’re struggling just to make ends meet, while other braggart classes strut around with their 1-cost removal spells and crazy […]

Hearthstone: Pickpocket Rogue Deck

Dustforce Flight
Platformers stress me out. My reflexes aren’t great, and the genre famously punishes players like me who can’t execute fast movements. But Dustforce is different. Its calming music, smooth gameplay, […]


Hearthstone KAR Cards
Prepare your ear drums for almost 3 hours of sweet, sweet card debates! Scott and I dissect each of the 27 new class cards in One Night in Karazhan and […]

Hearthstone: Karazhan Review (Class)