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One part peaceful tropical vacation, one part crafting and exploration simulator, one part horror survival game. Subnautica is unique and beautiful. And its colorful, exotic underwater world is finally ready for visitors!

After several years in open development, Subnautica is now complete enough and stable enough that I’m happy to recommend it to everyone. Explore a wild ocean filled with alien life, and find the resources and knowledge needed to survive and thrive among the crazy creatures of the deep!

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Watch Me Play Subnautica

Note: My graphics card died, and I’m using a VERY old backup card until I can afford a new one. It can’t run modern 3D games, so I recorded an intro with my face and voice, but the gameplay segment is just game audio (played on the PC at my office, where I can’t use webcam or mic. Future livestreams should have full audio!

How to Play Subnautica

  • You’re an awesome spaceman, traveling the cosmos in your awesome spaceship. And then you crash-land on an entirely aquatic alien planet.
  • You eject in an escape pod and smash into the water. You can see the burning husk of your ship sinking into the ocean in the distance, and debris has scattered all around.
  • But all you have access to at the start is that tiny escape pod, which has some simple storage and (thankfully) a fancy 3D-printer thing that can be used to craft tools, food, etc.
  • Your escape pod floats on the surface, and you have to swim out and dive down below the surface to find anything.
  • So you head out and explore this wild new, untamed world of crazy sealife.
  • You catch fish, harvest plantlife, collect ore, gel, and other resources.
  • And you use those resources back at your escape pod to create the tools and food/drink you need to survive and improve your situation.
  • Oh, and there are lots of things trying to eat you. Did I forget to mention that? This is a SURVIVAL game — and you’ve got a lot bigger and scarier things than thirst and hunger to worry about!
  • Like most survival games, there’s not really an ending that you try to get to and “win” the game. You’re just trying to survive as long as you can, build up your base and tools, and when you die you start again and try to do better, using the information you learned.

Subnautica Gasopod

7 Reasons to Drop Everything and Immediately Play Subnautica

(Each of these points is discussed in detail on the podcast. Listen to it!)

  • You don’t have to Survive.
  • The daytime is a peaceful and soothing tropical vacation.
  • The nighttime is a Lovecraftian nightmare of glowing eyes, freakish beasts, and inevitable death.
  • You can craft for days! And weeks.. And months… and years…
  • The devs give frequent free updates with lots of content.
  • There’s a lot to learn in the world.
  • It’s exactly like Pokemon! (Not really.)

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