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The Best Games of the Steam Summer Sale 2017 2

Ah, the Steam Summer Sale. That magical time of year we fill our Steam list with games we’ll complain about not having enough time to play for the rest of the year.

There are a LOT of games on sale, so I went through them all and picked out the best games with the best deals. I broke them down into a few categories and will try to convince you to buy each of them in 3 words or less!

(Pro tip: Use this page to view all the sales easily.)

Must Buys

Do not think. If you don’t already own these games, buy them immediately.

If You Like the Genre

Incredible games with some minor flaws or higher price tags.

Wish It Was Cheaper

Wait for a flash sale if you’re not super excited about these ones. If you are excited, dive in immediately!

With a Caveat

One thing’s holding me back from recommending…

So those are my favorite deals in the Steam Summer Sale this year. I hope you enjoy them too! What are yours?

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2 thoughts on “The Best Games of the Steam Summer Sale 2017

    • Josh Post author

      Thanks, Keen 🙂 That means a lot coming from you!

      We’ve all been talking about Northgard a ton on our Discord (and playing co-op matches together!) — if you pick it up, reach out if you want to play a match together!

      Some of its best parts for me:
      – There are quite a few really great innovations on the genre that feel like things every RTS should have going forward. Just from a design perspective it was fun to see how they solved classic RTS problems.
      – Tile-based world is fun to explore and makes resource control more strategic, imo (closest comparison would be Settlers of Catan)
      – Different victory conditions (military, economy, research, etc.) similar to Civilization
      – Removes a lot of the ultra-micro stuff like how close do you have to place your lumberyard to each specific tree location or forcing villagers to return early to turn in resources. Villagers get auto-produced based on happiness level, and you just move villagers to buildings to change what they do/become.
      – Seasons rotate and affect resources — food production drops in winter and villagers have to burn extra wood to stay warm

      It’s definitely still early access. They just added multiplayer and the first ranged military unit, and the campaign isn’t released yet. So it’s not polished. But I think it’s plenty fun already and the devs seem reliable and smart, even if not very communicative. So I feel pretty confident in its future, so I’m happy to dive in and recommend others do the same 🙂

      More than a sentence or two, but I hope it helps — I’m going to be doing a full podcast episode on it soon!