Steam Summer Sale

The Best Games of the Steam Summer Sale 2017

Ah, the Steam Summer Sale. That magical time of year we fill our Steam list with games we’ll complain about not having enough time to play for the rest of the year.

There are a LOT of games on sale, so I went through them all and picked out the best games with the best deals. I broke them down into a few categories and will try to convince you to buy each of them in 3 words or less!

(Pro tip: Use this page to view all the sales easily.)

Must Buys

Do not think. If you don’t already own these games, buy them immediately.

If You Like the Genre

Incredible games with some minor flaws or higher price tags.

Wish It Was Cheaper

Wait for a flash sale if you’re not super excited about these ones. If you are excited, dive in immediately!

With a Caveat

One thing’s holding me back from recommending…

So those are my favorite deals in the Steam Summer Sale this year. I hope you enjoy them too! What are yours?