What’s Your Favorite Bread-Based Snack?

Let me be totally honest: there are only a handful of bread-based foods that I do not love. If it’s got flour and yeast, I’m READY TO FEAST! That’s not actually my culinary catchphrase but, now that I’ve said it, it probably should be.

I happily munch on basically any form of cracker, chip, cookie, or what-have-you while playing games at the computer. But there’s only one that has magical properties: CHEEZ-ITS.

I’m convinced that Cheez-Its don’t exist on the same physical plane that we do. It’s gotta be something like the Upside-Down in Stranger Things, because I can eat hundreds of them without ever feeling the slightest bit full — they are not actually going into my stomach!

I typically have to restrain myself through mental or fiscal shaming to stop popping the little orange guys in my mouth. And now that I say that, I guess it’s a bit like Popplers from Futurama too… but without the horrifying realization that you’ve been eating live alien babies the entire time.

Futurama Popplers

Thanks for asking this fun question that took a surprisingly dark twist, Whango!

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