WoW Pet Battle Spirit Water Fight

WoW Pet Battle Guide: How to Beat Every Pandaren Spirit Tamer (while leveling)

Powerlevelers unite for another how-to guide on boosting your pets’ levels while earning fat reward bags. We’ve looked at powerleveling our battle pets through a few Tamer battles and the Bests of Fable pets in the past, and this week we add the Pandaria Spirits to “oh so farmable, aren’t we awesome” list.

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Who Are The Pandaren Spirit Tamers?

Whispering Pandaren Spirit: Air Elemental, way up high in The Jade Forest
Thundering Pandaren Spirit: Earth Elemental, shaped like a cow in Valley of the Four Winds
Burning Pandaren Spirit: Fire Elemental in Towlong Steppes
Flowing Pandaren Spirit: Water Elemental, on a small island off the coast of Dread Wastes

These are elite tamer battles, somewhere in between regular Pandaria tamers and Beasts of Fable. It’s three pets with strong abilities and high stats, but no crazy buffs like Celestial Tournament pets get.

This is a great thing to grind, because you have a chance to earn the Elemental Spirit as pets in every bag you get from a win. And, as you’ll learn by fighting, some of them are very solid pets.

There are a lot of great guides for these fights out in the community already. My goal with this guide is to make sure it’s easy to powerlevel while winning, and to use pets that we’ve already leveled for the show whenever possible. Hopefully that makes it very easy for you to follow the guide, without having to hunt down new pets beforehand.

WoW Pet Battle Spirit Air

How to beat the Whispering Pandaren Spirit

Their Pets: Dusty (a standard moth), Whispertail (a Dragonkin bird), Pandaren Air Spirit (bird with a heal)

Counter Pets: Dragonkins that deal magic damage at the perfect counter to this Flying-heavy team. That puts Chrominius (from our double damage team) and Nexus Whelpling (from our combo team) at the top of our list. Start with Nexus Whelpling.

Backup Pets: Any Dragonkin pet will do okay, but the best alternatives also deal heavy or spammable Magic damage: Celestial Dragon, Emerald Proto-Whelp/Emerald Whelpling, Lil Tarecgosa, Nether Faerie Dragon/Sprite Darter Hatchling, Netherwhelp.

The Secret: The only enemy ability that can really throw a kink in your plan is Dusty’s Cocoon, which blocks one attack. Make sure you time your big attacks around that (he always uses it on Turn 2). If you can, spam Arcane Explosion on your first pet, to avoid the Cocoon’s impact and bring all three enemy pets down to half-health. Whispertail spends two turns setting up debuffs before throwing down heavy damage. You want to take him out quickly, so wait until the Pandaren Air Spirit is on the board to bring in your leveling pet, and try to match your swap with its heal cast.

WoW Pet Battle Spirit Earth

How to beat the Thundering Pandaren Spirit

Their Pets: Pandaren Earth Spirit (CC-heavy Elemental), Sludgy (DPS ooze), Darnak the Tunneler (odd hybrid of Rabbit and stone spider)

Counter Pets: We need an evasive Critter and a steady, heavy-hitting Mechanical pet. I go with Silkbead Snail and Lil XT (from our AoE team).

Backup Pets: Critters with Aquatic attacks, like snails, turtles, and crickets are the perfect counter for the Pandaren Earth Spirit. But any fast Rabbit (300+ speed) like the Darkmoon Rabbit or Tolai Hare (from our dodge team) will work tremendously as well. Fluxfire Feline, De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion, and Tranquil Mechanical Yeti (from our Mechanical Monsters team) are all decent alternatives to Lil XT. Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling is a great counter to Sludgy if he’s giving you problems.

The Secret: Start with your leveling pet. The Earth Spirit always uses his no-damage stun on the first turn. That let’s you get it combat credit with zero risk of dying. After that, it’s just a matter of using evasion abilities to avoid the one burst-damage ability on each pet, and grinding through their HP.

WoW Pet Battle Spirit Fire

How to beat the Burning Pandaren Spirit

The Pets: Crimson (Flight-focused Dragonkin), Flowy (typical mosquito), and Pandaren Fire Spirit (fire damage and heals).

Counter Pets: Anubisath Idol and anything else you want!

Backup Pets: Sandstorm and passive healing lets the Anubisath Idol pretty much solo the entire team. So any pet with Sandstorm will work just fine as the second pet, although Qiraji Guardling is the ideal pick since he has the exact same synergy as the Anubisath Idol. If you don’t have any Sandstorm pets, any snail can help finish off the final pet.

The Secret: You have two jobs in this fight: Keep Sandstorm up at all times and use Deflection to stop big attacks. Thankfully there are only two: Crimson’s Lift-Off and Pandaren Fire Spirit’s Conflagrate. You can swap in your leveling pet on any turn that Glowy is out, as long as Sandstorm is up since the weather effect blocks almost all of that pet’s entire damage roster.

WoW Pet Battle Spirit Water

How to beat the Flowing Pandaren Spirit

The Pets: Marley (fish with a ton of burst damage), Pandaren Water Spirit (elemental with a ton of delayed burst damage), Tiptoe (typical water strider)

Counter Pets: All the moths!

Backup Pets: Any decent flying or beast pet will do okay here, but even better if it has the ability to dodge attacks for a turn, like Lift-Off. Wind Rider Cub is an ideal pet (Beast with Flying attacks), but it’s disturbingly rare. Once again, Snails make a great counter to the Elemental Spirit, if you’re having trouble closing it out.

The Secret: You’re likely noticing a trend: Cocoon Strike will be used to avoid the burst damage. Other than that, use Moth Dust every time it’s off cooldown and hope for some crits and sleep effects. Without a string of bad luck, you should have no problem taking them out. Start with your leveling pet–he just casts a group debuff on turn one.


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