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WoW Pet Battle Guide: How to beat the new epic Beasts of Fable pets

When the epic Beasts of Fable pets stepped onto the scene back in March, they ruled pet-battledom. Their huge health pools and crazy-hard-hitting abilities mopped the floor with our pathetic pets and made us look like level 1 noobs.

That is, until we figured out how to beat them all with super cheesy tactics guaranteed to win. But the pet gods were not content with our domination, and the Beasts of Fable were revamped in patch 5.3 to make them harder to kill.

So this week, I went out and fought every last one of them, testing old strategies and devising new ones. Now I’m ready to present to you, the new and improved guide to beating every epic Beasts of Fable pet. You can always view the old guide when you’re feeling nostalgic.

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Reviewing the Arsenal

The biggest change made across the board in patch 5.3 is that the Beasts of Fable have significantly smaller health pools. This reduces the effectiveness of a lot of abilities we abused before, which deals damage that scales with the max health of your enemy. Now, the Beasts of Fable rely on a buff that reduces all damage taken by 50% to make them sturdy.

Let’s take a look at some of the key abilities we identified as being particularly strong in our previous guide.


  • Still deals 10% of enemy’s maximum health as damage, and has a 100% hit chance
  • The 10% of health damage is not negated by the Beasts of Fable damage-reduction shield
  • Advice: Use it still!

Glowing Toxin

  • No change
  • Still deals 6% of maximum health every turn
  • This is still a strong ability, but none of the pets that have it are superstars against the new pets
  • Advice: Play it if you’re desperate, but there are better options.

Predatory Strike / Impale

  • Both still deal heavy damage, but instead of instantly killing pets below 25% health, they now deal double damage to pets in that range
  • Double damage is very close to the same thing as instantly killing
  • Impale also had it’s damage and cooldown lowered a bit, making Predatory Strike the better nuke
  • Advice: Use it still!


  • No change
  • This weather effect still boosts all healing by 25% and increases the maximum health of all pets by 50%
  • That means it’s still a 50% increase in all attacks that scale based on maximum health
  • Advice: Use it if you’re running a lot of health-scaling attacks!

Life Exchange

  • No change
  • Still equalizes health between two pets (combine the two health totals, split it in half, and give it to both)
  • Advice: For the love of Aki, yes, use this!


  • It still causes a meteorite to fall in 15 rounds, killing all active pets that are not roaches
  • Change: Beasts of Fable are much more likely to dodge this attack, which makes it incredibly unreliable as a tactic now.
  • Advice: Avoid this tactic unless you want to be on edge every fight

Team Options

The Apocalypse Team

The Boring Team

The Killer Team

Updated tips for killing each Beast of Fable

WoW Pet Battle Fable No-No

How to beat No-No, the Aquatic Otter

  • No significant ability changes
  • The key is still to use his own Dam ability to block his Dive attack
  • Tip: Life Exchange works while he’s underground and doesn’t trigger Dam

WoW Pet Battle Fable Wanderer

How to beat Ti’un The Wanderer, the Aquatic Turtle

  • Big changes on this guy. He’s now the hardest to kill!
  • His shield damage absorption applies after the 50% damage reduction, and reduces each hit by 112 – So you need to deal more than 224 damage just to hit it. You need more than 450 to deal 100 damage to it.
  • If no damage is dealt, it also stops effects from spells landing
  • Tip: Darkmoon Hatchling is king here, since it has Trample and Predatory Strike. He can solo him if it doesn’t cast Pump

WoW Pet Battle Fable Kafi

How to beat Kafi, the Beast Ram

  • No significant ability changes
  • Straightforward fight
  • Tip: His stun is only a 25% chance. That’s a 25% cahnce to lose the match. If it stuns, plan to restart it — or just restart it if you’re in a rush

WoW Pet Battle Fable Dos Ryga

How to beat Dos-Ryga, the Aquatic Hovering Fish

  • No significant ability changes
  • Still one of the hardest fights: Tons of healing, and he’ll tear our Magic pet apart
  • Raptor can do some heavy damage if no Whirlpool proc, with Hunting Party + Bloodfang
  • Tip: Do your best to keep a low-health pet alive to absorb a hit + the DoT Whirlpool. That’s a huge damage absorb that would otherwise one-shot a pet

WoW Pet Battle Fable Lucky Yi

How to beat Lucky Yi, the Critter Cricket

  • No significant ability changes
  • Got a huge damage increase on his tooltip, but his actual damage seems low still
  • Says it should hit for 426, instead hitting for about 300
  • Tip: Bring any beast damage and melt this thing’s face off.

WoW Pet Battle Fable Greyhoof

How to beat Greyhoof, the Beast Mushan

  • No significant ability changes
  • Still heavy damage, and a damage buff to himself
  • Tip: Just have to out-DPS him because his Trample ability is spammable and brutal

WoW Pet Battle Fable Skitterer Xia

How to beat Skitterer Xi’a, the Aquatic Water Strider

  • No significant ability changes
  • Still damage, with a small perk for going first
  • Tip: Use Eyeblast over Mana Surge on Mini Mindslayer. That will slow it down to lower some of its damage, and you won’t survive 3 rounds with Mana Surge anyways.

WoW Pet Battle Fable Kawi

How to beat Ka’wi the Gorger, the Critter Caterpillar

  • My wife thinks he’s cute
  • Magic pet can barely survive the burst if he’s lucky–everything else is toast. Use Eyeblast to slow down the enemy to get Life Exchange off
  • Tip: Chew hits for 800 damage. For the love of God, bring something that can dodge (like a Rabbit).

WoW Pet Battle Fable Nitun

How to beat Nitun, the Critter Raccoon

  • No significant ability changes
  • Blocks/Dodges are super valuable. Consider rotating in a Rabbit
  • Tip: If he kills with Ravage, he heals for 700 health. It’s brutal and will totally change the match. Keep trying until you can dodge a Ravage kill

WoW Pet Battle Fable Gorespine

How to beat Gorespine, the Beast Porcupine

  • His Bleed deals way more damage now, enough to kill most Critter pets in one hit
  • Tip: Focus hits into big chunks where you can, with damage buffs and load-and-fire turns to limit damage he reflects back.

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