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WoW Pet Battle Guide: Warlords of Draenor Pets

Warlords of Draenor is on its way, and we’re dying to know what new pets and pet battling content it’ll bring! Blizzard has been tight-lipped on official channels, but they’ve been leaking news and tidbits on various personal accounts.

Luckily, one of our own has been tracking all of the pet battle news released about the expansion! Long-time community member Eleanor jumps on the show this week, to share everything she knows with us!

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WoW Pet Battle Draenor Weebomination

New Pets

What Isn’t Changing

  • Pet level cap remaining at 25
  • Maximum rarity is still Rare
  • Pandaria content will still be relevant
  • Rock-Paper-Scissor system stays
  • Source #1, Source #2, Source #3

New Features

WoW Pet Battle Draenor Garrison

New Content

  • Anything like Celestial Tournament?
  • Anything for PvP?

Hopes For The Expansion

  • New PvP Modes
  • Co-op Battles
  • Dungeon crawls
  • Achievements for convenience perks
  • More regular trainers
  • Puzzles
  • Non-linear gating
  • Creepy undead goat pet!

Patch 5.4.7 Changes

Pet Battle Mechanical Turrets


The Question

Eleanor: “What are your thoughts on Consumable pet buffs as an idea for future expansions? For example, imagine a new type of item that has a random drop chance, even more rare than a Stone, but it grants a buff, such as +10% speed for 30 minutes only on the pet it is cast on. It could add a new level of complexity to pet battles, and cause us to reevaluate existing strategies.”

The Crew Combo

“More Money, More Problems” by Scott Banaszewski

Abilities: Call Lightning + Make It Rain + Inflation
Pets: Tranquil Mechanical Yeti + Lil Bling

  1. 1. Call Lightning: Damage, and weather changes
  2. 2. Swap to Lil Bling
  3. 3. Make It Rain: Initial damage and DoT
  4. 4. Inflation: Attacks and double-damage debuff (continues for 3 rounds)

Damage Breakdown:
500 + 50 + 72 = 622
126 + 100 + 180 = 406
252 + 100 + 288 = 640
252 + 100 + 288 = 640

Average Per Turn:
443 damage per turn
Double-damage debuff for 2 turns after (another 300 damage average)

WoW Pet Battle Best Zap

The Review

Zooraw: “Hey, I am really enjoying the show. Please give us MORE! Thanks for the great content. I would like to see a Top 10 must have for PvE and PvP.”

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