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WoW Pet Battle Interview: Patch 5.3 with Cory Stockton

Patch 5.3 is just around the corner, bringing a pile of new pets to capture, harder challenges for our little brawlers to overcome, and plenty of PvP incentives to keep us fighting.

Blizzard’s Lead Content Designer, Cory “Mumper” Stockton joins me on the show this week to talk about all the new goodies coming in patch 5.3, and to give us insight into how Blizzard builds the pets we love to throw into the gauntlet.

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The Interview

Cory and I talk about a lot interesting things on the podcast this week. Here are some of the highlights and big reveals:

  • Why PvP has become a bigger focus for the battle pet devs
  • A crazy pet idea that didn’t make it into the game
  • The devs’ 3 major goals for pet battles in patch 5.3
  • What criteria makes a pet considered “broken” or “overpowered”
  • What’s next for pet battles?
  • How they’re making the new Beasts of Fable harder
  • The pet team Cory’s currently playing with
  • Cory explains how the spawning mechanic works for the amazing (and frustratingly elusive) Unborn Val’kyr pet

WoW Pet Battle Cory Stockton Valkyr

Thanks again for being on the show, Cory! Everyone can (and should) follow him on Twitter for more WoW talk.

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