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WoW Pet Battle News: Patch 5.2

Patch 5.2 just hit the PTR, along with a lot of exciting announcements about changes coming to our beloved pet battles. I’ll break down each update to see what it all really means for us and our teams.

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You can read the official patch notes for 5.2 here, but I’ve included every pet battle change below.

Pet Balance Changes

Supercharge nerfed

  • This ability is mostly used on Mechanical pets, and boosts the damage of their next attack.
  • I praised it on last week’s show because it really helps the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti hit heavy up front
  • Supercharge currently boosts damage by a whopping 150%, but the nerf will bring it down to 125%.
  • On top of that, the cooldown will be bumped up from 3 rounds to 4, which really messess up the synergy with Call Lightning on our Mechanical Monsters team, because that only has a 3 round cooldown.
  • I hope this isn’t the start of a trend where our teams get nerfed right after we announce them 🙂

Sprite Darter Hatchling made less versatile

  • Two abilities, Evanescence and Arcane Blast, have swapped positions.
  • This is not a big nerf or buff.
  • It just forces you to take one defensive and one offensive ability in the pet’s first two slots, rather than being able to double up on one or the other.

WoW Pet Battle Patch Turrets

Bug Fixes

  • Nether Roach now survives the Apocalypse ability like other roaches.
  • Pets whose color schemes change each time they are summoned have returned. Older pets with this behavior now have it back, as well as some newcomers.
  • Taming the World achievement now lists its reward correctly in the Achievements pane.
  • Pets that you were battling will respawn if you stop fighting them—unless they died, in which case they’re dead. Duh.

Quality of Life Changes

  • Battle Pet Bandages now stack to 25 and are Bind to Account.
  • Pet levels will now only display on the map when pets are tracked.
  • Fleeing a battle will cause all your pets to take damage.

New Loot

  • PvP pet battles now have a chance to give Battle-Stones, which are used to increase quality of your pets
  • When you defeat a pet team that is within 5 levels of the highest level pet on your team, you will get player XP. If your character is already max-level, they’ll instead have a chance to win Lesser Charm of Good Fortune, which are used to loot extra gear from raid bosses.
  • A number of new pets can be found on the new zone being added in patch 5.2, the Isle of Lightning, including rare spawn drops, wild pets, and raid boss drops.
  • Elite Battle Pets have been added to the game world. These rare pets will spawn alone against an entire team. A new quest has been added to track progress as these new pets are hunted down, and completing that quest will award the new Red Panda pet.

Pet Battle Mechanical Yeti Slap

What Can You Do To Prepare?

  • Obviously start looking for a replacement for your pets that use Supercharge and take a look at the Sprite Darter change to see if it will affect your strategy with it.
  • Start honing your PvP skills. I’ll make sure that the next team lineup I do will be strong in PvP to help you get ready to earn all the loot coming next patch. (I’ve got a great team in the works right now that looks extremely promising, with a 92% PvP win ratio so far.)
  • Stock up on Pet Bandages and take inventory of what characters they’re on, so that you can move them to your main pet battler after the patch.
  • Enjoy fleeing from battles unscathed while you can, you coward.

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