WoW Pet Battle Patch 5.4 Celestials

WoW Pet Battle News: Patch 5.4

We all know Garrosh is about to get what’s coming to him. That big, brutish jerk of an orc tried to kill my hero, Vol’jin, and for that alone, I’m going to make sure all my Troll characters are in the Orgrimmar raid that comes with patch 5.4 next Tuesday to help Vol’jin take him down once and for all.

But this is a pet battle podcast, and we care about what Blizzard is doing to our beloved tiny creatures/elementals/robots on September 10, when patch 5.4 hits!

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The Celestial Tournament

What is Timeless Isle?

  • A New, small PvP zone being added to Pandaria
  • Lots of daily quests, bosses, and pet battles

Celestial Tournament

  • “The ultimate pet challenge”
  • 15 max-level pets required

How to sign up

  • Find Master Li
  • He gives weekly quest
  • Solo-queue for the Tournament, entered as an instance

The Tournament itself

  • You must beat a tamer with three legenday pets
  • Do that two more times
  • Then beat a solo Legendary pet
  • Do that three more times

That’s a lot of pet battles

  • The catch is that you can’t revive or heal pets inside the scenario
  • So you just get as far as you can, then have to try again
  • Rewarded with Celestial Coins, which are used to buy new pets and other goodies

WoW Pet Battle Patch 5.4 Blingtron

New Pets in Patch 5.4

There are a lot of pets coming in the patch, and we’ve almost certainly not seen all of them so far. Here’s what we know is coming.

From The Celestial Tournament

  • Chi-Chi — Weird support that could be very interesting
  • Zao — Amazing combination of DPS pet with the best heal ability in the game
  • Xu-Fu — Solid DPS and great dueling abilities
  • Yu’la — Weird Support that combos well with the other 3 pets

From Engineering

  • Pierre — (BoP) a weird walking stove that has silly abilities
  • Rascal-Bot — (BoP) Pun-tastic, with lots of jokes about the TV show Lost. Has easily the funniest ability in the game.
  • Lil Bling — More jokes, less successful.

From everything else
Warcraftpets (an amazing site) has come up with a list of 17 other datamined pets, which they think will mostly drop from rare NPCs in the new zone.

New Toys

Whizzig is a new rare spawn vendor that appears on the new Timeless Isle to sell vanity items for pets. He’s also a human riding a giant snail, which is pretty sweet. He sells different costumes for the Perky Pug pet, such as pirate, princess, gentleman, and pink bow.

Pet Balance Changes

Buff to a lot of pet family perks

  • Aquatic: Now reduces damage from damage-over-time effects by 50% (up from 25%)
  • Dragonkin: Now activates its 50% damage buff after an attack brings a target’s to below 50% health (up from 25%).
  • Elemental: Now only ignores the negative direct effects of weather. For example, Sandstorm’s accuracy reduction won’t be applied, but the damage reduction will.
  • Magic: Now caps damage taken at 35% of maximum health (up from 40%)

Pet Changes

Weather Changes

  • Call Lightning nerf: Cooldown increased to 5 rounds (was 3), duration reduced to 5 rounds (was 9)
  • Sandstorm nerf: Thank God! Cooldown increased to 5 rounds (was 3), duration reduced to 5 rounds (was 9)

Other Ability Changes

  • Dark Simulcrum removed from game, replaced with Rot: Damage and debuff that turns enemy pet into Undead. Looks very promising!
  • Accuracy now buffs the whole team, and no one really cares.
  • Huge Death Grip nerf: 50% damage reduction, cooldown increased to 4 (was 3), accuracy reduced by 10%.
  • Smaller Nether Gate nerf: 33% damage reduction (deals 317 damage now, compared to Death Grip’s 114)
  • Smaller Sweep nerf: 33% damage reduction (deals 280 damage now)
  • Small Trihorn Charge nerf: 11.7% damage reduction, and a 1-turn cooldown

WoW Pet Battle AOE Beam

Bug Fixes

Abilities that increase damage per hit now persist through swaps, which is a big buff! Also, Trihorn Shield now displays the correct amount of damage reduction. Which apparently it didn’t before?

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Jerks that stall in PvP will get progressively less time per turn.
  • Can trade in 3 family battle-stones for one any-family battle-stone.
  • Battle Pet levels shown on the minimap
  • Health bars shown when observing someone else’s pet battle
  • Throne of Thunder pets (which I’m still not convinced exist) can now drop from bonus rolls. Also the new raid pets will as well.
  • UPDATE: The cap on pets is being raised to 1000 from 650. Thanks for the tip, Deirdre!

How You Can Prepare For It Now

Level up your engineering on at least one character

  • Make Blingtron if you want to be 100% efficient
  • You’ll need 300 Ghost Iron Bars and 30 Living Steels to craft the new pets

Stock up on Lesser Charms to buy the new raid currency to do bonus rolls for pets!

  • Daily quests and pet battles are a great way to earn these
  • I’m personally doing Angler on my Hunter and Klaxxi on my Monk, which are quick and have fun vanity rewards.


The Question:
Hi Josh, I have an idea for a show. I’m constantly being beaten by teams that have both a direhorn and an anub idol on them. Often the third wheel is an undead. Can you do a show about the perfect team to beat these guys? Thanks, Nick

The Review
Kalaydra: I’m so glad I found this podcast. I enjoyed WoW pet battling from the start but had no clue if I was “doing it right”. Josh provides solid data about pet teams (win/loss records, etc) that give me some comfort that I’m not the only one who loses occasionally 🙂 Well researched and professionally presented. I hope this show continues and the community grows.

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