WoW Pet Battle Combo Team Rag

WoW Pet Battle Review: The Combo Kids

Not every team works out the way I want it to. Let’s take a look at what went wrong with this wombo-combo team, and find out how to fix it!

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Goal of the Team

We wanted to use pets that have easy-to-execute, straightforward combos that are completely self-reliant. Things like Ignite + Conflagrate or Rip + Blood in the Water. The important thing is that each pet can deal huge damage, without relying on any other pet.

Your Suggestions

August Cornelius frost Schilling Hedegaard: “So i have done a couple battles with the two shot team, with a zandalari kneebiter as my third pet, but i dont think that works as i went 3w/5L.
i think the failure was caused by having no “down time pet” for when doom was on the enemy pet as i most of the time diddent even get the doom proc with all the burst damage my other pets had.
then i shiftet to the Rotten Little Helper as my third pet (212) and i have found the turn to set up the Booby-Trapped Presents gave doom enough time to tick and kill the enemy pet.
i have also found that with the second team, you can take on ANY lightning storm team because you will have the Haunt effect on each turn and you will overwrite it before the enemy team can finish their setup with the blizzard effect from RLH.
With the RLH team i’ve lost one fight and got the other 8 wins for my pvp battle quest and one more i think”

Doug Taylor (in response) suggested: “Do you have any pets that can force a pet swap? That may work well with Curse of Doom, by letting you dps down a curse-free pet, while Doom procs in the backline.”
August responds: “crawling claw is what you need, farming it will make you… realy reaaaaaly annoyed”

David Mireault: “I played with the team this weekend. My third wheel was Zao, Calfling of Niuzao. His two turn move combo is in fact his Niuzao’s Charge, which is only one move.

It took a few turns to get used to my mechanics and learn not to lose stupidely (using haunt when I only had the Valkyr left… haha). Either I’ve been lucky or this team is awesome. I’ve won 13 times and lost 4 (including 2 were I basically killed myself). Zao’s heal is fantastic, either on the whelp or on himself.

I’ve seen a lot of anti-Val’kyr team. Don’t haunt a crab with a shield. You’ll also encounter a lot of Valk’yr vs Val’kyr action. Use curse of doom of course, but if you’re faster than the other one it’s worth doing a normal attack instead of Haunt. Let the opponent haunt you, and then haunt the pet they’ll switch in. Their Val’kyr will spawn back and they’ll have lost their haunt cooldown.

I liked to use Wish, then Zao’s charge. It was devestating.”

WoW Pet Battle Combo Shadow

Daniel Nordstrom: “Ok gang running the team…if you run into me you will know cause all my pets have been tagged Wpbc. Just finished the weekly went 10-5, a few of those losses were on me. Also I ran the Blossoming Ancient as my third wheel.”
August responded: “we should all name ou’r pets WPBC so we could see that we fought with one from here XD”

Fumblefoot: “So I played this team with Snarly as the 3rd wheel. I played 19 games, won 10 times, lost 6 times, and tied 3 times. It could have been poor start choices or switching poorly, but I found there are a LOT of counters for 2 hit combos. If they started with a Death Adder Hatchling, I could start Snarly switch after the blind and then take them out, but if they didn’t lead with him he could often go through 2 pets before I took him down.

Nexus Whelpling is awesome, but if they could change the weather it made life very difficult. I’m going to try this team again with a non 2-hit combo pet and see if that makes a difference.”

Enemy pets could: “Not so much remove the debuffs, but between dodges, blocks, and avoids, the punch is predictable, so they just avoid it. Some simply just swap the pet and then the punch isn’t as devastating because it hits the new pet without the debuff.

Nexus Whelpling is great because the combo relies on a weather effect instead of a debuff, but then if THEY have a weather effect they just override it.

I’m not willing to give up on it yet, though. I’m thinking something with landmines mine help this team out because then there is a real penalty for swapping the pets. Kinda takes us back to the Chrominus/Mini Thor team.

Ultimately, it could just be I had a rough morning and wasn’t on the top of my game. As for Lil’Ragnaros… I haven’t bought him, but maybe I can sweet talk my husband into getting him for Valentine’s Day. :)”

WoW Pet Battle Combo Mist

Changes Made

Every now and then, we play a team that just doesn’t work out the way we wanted it to. The Terrible Turnip on the original Sunlight team was one of those cases, and I think this is another one.
An uncommon quality, H/H Unborn Val’kyr simply doesn’t work. The grind is too long for me to keep trying to get a B/B one. I’m not going to stone an H/H one because it’s not worth the time investment to me. I’d rather be playing with new, experimental teams!

So the first thing I ended up doing was swap out the Unborn Valkyr for third wheel pets. Luckily we had a lot of them to try!

Feline Familiar: Definitely my favorite third wheel I added. I love that his combo has 2 finishing moves. Start with Prowl, and can either finish with Call Darkness or Onyx Bite, to do Humanoid or Magical damage. Both of them are going to do over 1k damage. I love it.

Lil’ Ragnaros: This guy is just so OP. His damage it out of this world, and his combo is one of the only combos that can’t be dodged by pet swapping or using weather effects. Flamethrower lights the ground on fire, and then Conflagrate smashes for huge damage. Even his normal punch does over 500 damage — every turn, spammable. 85% hit chance, but other comparable skills are closer to 400 damage. This is incredible.

Chrominius: It’s still fun, but the recharge at the end of his combo — he has to wait two turns doing nothing — can be pretty annoying. Still, doing 2k damage in a single turn is so fun.

Eternal Strider: The combo is kind of fun, Pump + Cleansing Rain is kind of fun, but it’s really slow and so easily avoidable. Not worth it.

Kun-Lai Runt: Great pet with a great combo, but it relies on a stun effect, which conflicts with Arcane Winds from the Nexus Whelpling. Great combo pet, but not on this team.

Pandaren Monk: Fun combo with a ton of damage, but easily avoidable. I actually like him a fair amount, especially with how strong Dragonkin pets are right now.

Rotten Little Helper: Fun addition to the team. He’s a super solid pet overall, but not really a combo pet, so I tried others more.

In the end, my favorite lineup was Nexus Whelpling, Feline Familiar, and Lil Ragnaros

WoW Pet Battle Combo Fire

When It Works

When this team worked, it was mostly because I was able to one-shot enemy pets with my combos. I’d get my Nexus Whelping out, toss on the weather effect and then start cranking out Mana Surge.

It could usually kill the enemy pet in 2 turns if both hit (roughly a 2/3 chance). Then, the enemy has to swap in their next pet, which takes a huge hit and from then on out I’ve got the advantage.

Even if one of the other combos fail, if 2 of them land, I could usually take out the win.

Winning Abilities

Arcane Storm: There are a lot of stuns out there, and this weather effect stopped them all for me. As one of the less popular weather effects, it seemed like the opponent didn’t notice that their stuns wouldn’t land and tried anyways.

Mana Surge: 600 damage a turn is brilliant, even with the 80% hit chance. The misses didn’t bother me much, because of how powerful it is when it does land. Without the misses, it’d feel like cheating! You almost always get 2 hits, which is enough to kill almost any pet.

Dragonkin passive: I’ve talked about this a lot recently, but the Dragonkin passive is the best in the game right now. It works particularly well with Mana Surge, which is all-out aggressive strategy.

Prowl: 150% damage on next attack, 2 turns to use the attack, unlike most steroids like this — the 30% speed penalty isn’t a huge deal and I’ll happily trade it for more damage! This turns your nukes into super-mega-death nukes of total destruction.

Conflagrate: As wonderful as always. Great Elemental damage, and works perfectly with Flamethrower.

Sulfuras Smash: I mentioned this earlier, but 512 damage spammable every turn is just so good I have to mention it again.

Booby-Trapped Presents: So much damage, so fun to play with and force opponents into.

WoW Pet Battle Combo Shatter

When It Doesn’t Work

When it failed, this team always felt like it had a chance of getting back in, which is nice.

I hated that I really have to start with the Unborn Valkyr if I put her in my lineup — and she’s been popular for so long that most teams have developed a counter for it, either a dodge-happy critter pet or an undead pet that won’t care much about losing its own health while it kills the rest of your team.

The breed of the Unborn Valkyr really hurt too, since I always lost mirror match-ups. The one plus to being slow is that if the enemy unborn valkyr Haunts first, you can remove it with your Haunt. But if they’re smart, they would just keep punching me over and oover and beat me because of its better stats and speed.

If Unborn Valkyr traded poorly, this team was really far behind — because Unborn Valkyr is pure boom or bust — it either kills an entire pet by itself or does quite literally nothing.

From there, a single Mana Surge miss made me weep, or a dodged Onyx Bite made me rage quit. This team relies on combos, and if two of them failed, there was just not a whole left on the table that can carry you home.

Losing Abilities

Curse of Doom: I think this is one of those abilities that seems really powerful when playing against it, but really isn’t. With my breed, it’s 550 damage for one turn — delayed by 5 turns. That’s not really a huge number compared with other top-tier combos like Conflagrate and Puncture Wound (or heck just a single Sulfuras Smash of lil Ragnaros). And 5 turns is so long that if the enemy keeps the pet out on the front line, it’ll just die naturally without the DoT ever proccing. Then it’s just a wasted turn. Even worse, I had it be dodged on application AND on proc — which feels like a bug.

Haunt: Like all dodges, blinds, and pet-swaps, it’s brilliant if you’re faster than the enemy. If not, however, it’s pretty darn terrible. You’re taking free hits, avoiding nothing, and it can’t be used when you don’t have another pet to swap to. It’s damage is almost completely negated by a shield.

Howl: This ability worked great the first time we used it at very start of the show a year ago. But pet tamers are smarter now — it’s very rare to run into someone who simply leaves a badly debuffed pet in the front line. They’ll almost always swap them out, so broadcasted abilities like this are much less reliable now. Great in PVE, but not PVP.

WoW Pet Battle Combo Cat

The Verdict

40% win rate with Unborn Val’kyr, 60% overall.

I’m really not positive why it’s so low. The concept still feels strong to me, and the pets are all good. I just kept losing. One game even had every single enemy pet surviving iwth less than 10 health — ALL OF THEM. It drove me insane and I lost the match while their final pet had 8 health.

Will I Use It?

PvP: Yes, absolutely. I guess I still just need to figure out what the magical 3 combo is that makes this strategy work for me. Because the concept is so strong. I just refuse to believe that individual combo pets can’t be effective.
PvE: Yes, this team is brilliant in PVE. The combos are basically OP combos that the computer doesn’t see coming and never avoids. It’s brilliant in PVE and is really the best “works for everything” PVE team I’ve played so far.

Individual Pet Reviews

Unborn Val’kyr: 6 — If you can get a B/B rare version of this pet, it’s probably a 9. But, let’s be honest– the majority of pet battlers aren’t going to spend the weeks of time it would take to get that. It’s a really tough grind, and it’s so well-known at this point that people have plans and backup plans to counter it. If you’re thinking about getting this pet now, don’t. We already missed the boat on this one.

Nexus Whelping: 8 — This pet is the epitome of self-synergy. All of its abilities work together to provide maximum damage. It has good utility for the whole team as well. It’s also straightforward to use. Grab it without hesitation and have fun with it!

Feline Familiar: 8 — It’s a cat wearing a hat! What more could you ask for? It’s got great abilities on top of its lighthearted looks as well. It has the best steroid in the game and some of the best punches in two different damage types to go with it. Grab it!

WoW Pet Battle Combo Penguin


The Question

Daniel Nordstrom: “How do you gauge how much to pay for a pet on the AH?”

The Crew Combo

“Pillar of Fire” by Me

  1. 1. Righteous Inspiration: Swaps a friendly pet in and gives them double damage/speed for one turn
  2. 2. Ion Cannon: The biggest upfront burst damage ability in the game

1464 damage on one turn
1-3 turns with no damage (depending on when/if the Yeti is killed after)

The real perk of this is that’s it’s all burst damage. Which means, you could theoretically do this two times in a match — which means your other pets just have to kill 1 pet. Righteous Inspiration does have an 8 round cooldown though, so you’ll have to kill a lot of time in between!

The Review

Minibacon: “Great podccast! Not only did it get me excited about jumping into pet battles, but it kept me going when I was 0/37 in PvP battles (ouch). Josh continues to keep the action fun with new team discussions and inspiring ways to create new and fun pet battle teams. Thanks!”

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