WoW Pet Battle Big Charge

WoW Pet Battle Team: Bonkers and Jademist Dancer

Go big or go home. That’s our philosophy this week, so we’re grabbing all of the heavy-hitting pets that trade accuracy for more damage! We’re swinging for the proverbial pet battle fence, and we’re not going to be playing cautious in any sense of the word.

This may not be our most powerful pet team we’ve ever built, but you can be sure that it’ll be one of our most fun and light-hearted ones!

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WoW Pet Battle Big Pets


Role: DPS
Type: Humanoid
Source: Timeless Chests
Ability: Haymaker

Jademist Dancer

Role: Tanky DPS
Type: Elemental
Source: Jademist Dancer (Elite)
Defining Ability: Rain Dance

The Team

High-Risk, High-Reward pets. We’re looking for abilities like Haymaker, which deals double damage, but has a 50% chance to miss and stuns you if you do.

When we get lucky, we will feel like pet battle gods. And that’ll be worth it, even if we get squashed in between those all-powerful moments.

WoW Pet Battle Big Zap

Why These Particular Pets

Bonkers is immediately the first pet that I, and a couple of people in the Google+ group, thought of when we started scouting for this team. His ruthless combination of high crit chance and hit miss chance is the epitome of our go big or go home attitude this month. Plus, he’s a monkey with boxing gloves! I’ve wanted to level him for months and now I finally found the excuse!

Jademist Dancer is an interesting pet and I’m not entirely sure I’m going to love him. But he looks cool and he has some nice risky moves, and most importantly, a hit chance buff that should help keep this team away from terrible luck streaks.

How I Want The Fight To Go

I think I’ll usually start with Bonkers, because his self-stun is a lot less brutal if you can use that turn to swap pets. At that point, we can use it as just a forced swap, not a full stun.

I start with Going Bonkers to gain a 2-turn 100% crit chance buff. Then I punch with Jab to at least get one crit (usually). Then I punch with Haymaker and immediately find out whether or not I’m going to win or not.

If I hit, it should be a 1.2k punch to their face! And if I miss, it’s a 0k punch to my face and I get stunned.

If I hit, Bonkers is going to stay in and repeat the combo til he fails it. And then he gets benched for his incompetence!

After Bonkers goes out with a bang or gets benched, I’ll bring in the Jademist Dancer. Then it’s just set up Geyser, Steam Vent, and then cast Rain Dance a turn before Geyser pops up to help guarantee the crit on its massive damage spike.

If I got lucky, that should be 2 of their pets dead at that point, easy. If I didn’t get lucky, well, that white flag is going to look mighty tempting. Rage Surrender!

WoW Pet Battle Big Whiff


This team is very much outside of my typical picks. I usually hate leaving my fate in the hands of the random number generator.

But I really like some of these pets and every now and then it feels good to just let loose and play for fun. I suspect that this team won’t be the best team we’ve made so far, but it might be the most fun to play when we get those chains of big crits.

Suggested Third Wheels