WoW Pet Battle Tank Team

WoW Pet Battle Team: Death Adder Hatchling and Ruby Droplet

Living is better than dying. I think we can all pretty much agree on that, which is why this week’s team is all about stayin’ alive. Heals, blocks, blinds, and lifesteals — this team’s got everything it needs to live forever!

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WoW Pet Battle Tank Pets

Ruby Droplet

Role: Tank
Type: Elemental
Source: Garnia on Timeless Isle
Ability: Drain Blood

Death Adder Hatchling

Role: Tanky DPS
Type: Beast
Source: Imperial Python on Timeless Isle
Defining Ability: Blinding Poison

The Team

The theme for this month’s team is survival. We’re building a team that prevents the other teams’ attacks while consistently whittling away at their health. It’s a slow-win strategy that aims to defuse the opponent’s big threats and then patiently tear away at their health bars each turn.

Why These Particular Pets

The Death Adder Hatchling is a great pet that Fumblefoot recognized and we featured in a Crew Combo a few episodes back. He has a great blind ability to prevent the enemy from attacking and great damage to back it up.

Ruby Droplet is the new king of tanks, I’m calling it right now. He has ability blocks to prevent burst attacks and a near-sickening amount of lifesteal to deal with everything else.

Together, they make up a pretty solid tanky DPS core for a team that we’re trying to make live forever.

WoW Pet Battle Tank Leech

How I Want The Fight To Go

I can start with either pet with this team, which I really like. I think I’ll default to starting with the Death Adder Hatchling so that I have Blinding Poison ready to shut down whatever big-hitter pet they start with.

So I hope to start with Blinding Poison, and if I’m faster than the enemy pet that will remove their first two turns! On turn two, I’ll use Poison Fang, because there will be a pretty good chance that they’ll swap out pets this turn and I don’t want to waste Puncture Wound. Even if they swap pets, their current pet will be poisoned, so now I strike with Puncture Wound for the damage punch, boosted on poisoned enemies.

Then I Blinding Poison again and repeat that cycle ’til the snake drops dead.

Next, Ruby Droplet comes out and gets ready to stall the game out and tank their whole team. I think the logic for his attacks goes in this order:

  • Do I think they’re about to launch a big attack? Then use Bubble!
  • Is Drain Blood off cooldown? Use Drain Blood!
  • Is everything else on cooldown? Use Absorb!


I really don’t have too many concerns with this team. The Death Adder Hatchling feels like it might be a little weak damage-wise, but I’m hoping Blinding Poison can help it keep pace by stalling out the damage.

The trick with him though, like all dodge pets, is that speed is VERY important — going first means you dodge two attacks, not just one. And as most of the community has found out, it’s really hard to get a Speed/Speed breed of this already hard-to-get pet. Daniel, Lori, Doug, James, Tiberius, and I have all been trying to get S/S breed and only two of us have gotten it so far.

I got mine by lurking in trade chat and offering 3.5k for it. That’s a bit desperate, but Tiberius reported that P/S is not enough — he saw a big bump in his wins. He spent “too much” gold on it though. Still, after the failure of my Unborn Valkyr breed, I’m willing to invest on this pet!

Also, this team will require a lot of decision-making, since you have to anticipate when the most damaging attacks will come and use your blocks and blinds then.

WoW Pet Battle Tank Day

Suggested Third Wheels

Zao, Cub of Niuzao
Magical Crawdad
Anubisath Idol
a crab
a rabbit

How To Get The Pets

Death Adder Hatchling
This pet is a 3% chance drop from a farmable rare spawn, Imperial Python, on the Timeless Isle. That means level 90 characters only, preferably geared. Snakes spawn all over the west side of the island. You need to kill those snakes over and over again, because every time you do, there’s a chance that the rare version will spawn in its place. The Imperial Python is what we’re looking for, and it only has a 3% chance to drop a Death Adder Hatchling pet. That’s already a lot of grinding, but we also need a very particular breed — Speed/Speed. That means, you’re almost always going to be better off just buying it at the Auction House or from another player.

It’s going to cost you a lot. I haven’t even seen that breed on the AH in the three weeks I’ve been hunting it, and ended up paying 3.5k for it in trade chat. This one won’t come easy.

If you do choose to farm it, be sure to read the Wowhead comments for it that explain a lot of the tricks for doing it quicker.

Ruby Droplet
This one’s also found on the Timeless Isle, but is a lot easier to get and the breed isn’t very important. The biggest challenge is getting to the NPC that drops it, Garnia. You have to convince a sea gull to carry you up to the hidden lake at the top of the island — I’m not joking, I’ll have a link to a fully guide in the show notes. But, you can kill the NPC that drops it, Garnia without having to worry about placeholders. This one’s also a 3% chance drop, but the breed doesn’t matter, so when it drops you’re done.

You can also buy this one on the AH, but the price has started skyrocketing lately. I think people are starting to catch on how amazing this pet is. Grab it while you can!

If you do try to farm it, read the Wowhead comments for a guide on how to find the NPC and kill it.

WoW Pet Battle Tank Snake


The Question

Daniel Nordstrom: “Which Collectors Edition pet do you not have that if they started offering them in the store would you buy first? For me its the Mini-Thor, when the wife and I play SC2 with each other we both race to see who can get out the first”

Listen to the show for my answer!

The Crew Combo

“The Slow Death”

Abilities: BONESTORM + Ancient Blessing

  • Turn 1: BONESTORM for damage
  • Turn 2: Ancient Blessing for healing
  • Turn 3: Basic punch for damage
  • Turn 4: Basic punch for damage
  • Then: Repeat!

BONESTORM = 243 x 3 pets = 729 damage
Ancient Blessing = 455 healing
Punch = 390 damage
Punch = 390 damage

Effective Health Per Turn: 491

Report Card
378 DPT (Damage Per Turn)
114 HPT (Healing Per Turn)
491 EPT (Effect Per Turn)

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