WoW Pet Battle Swap Broom

WoW Pet Battle Team: Enchanted Broom and Clockwork Rocket Bot

I am the happiest I’ve been in months–possibly years–all thanks to one man. Or what I presume to be a man. Maybe it’s better said as all thanks to one internet stranger who uses the handle Ebon.

How did Ebon make me so happy? He sent me a team comp that he’s been working with and asked for my help!

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WoW Pet Battle Swap Pets

Enchanted Broom

Role: DPS, CC
Type: Magic (Uncommon)
Source: Argent Tournament vendor
Defining Ability: Sweep

Clockwork Rocket Bot

Role: Tanky DPS
Type: Mechanical (Uncommon)
Source: Vendors
Defining Ability: Minefield

Ebon’s plan for the team

So Ebon’s Team has a simple philosophy:

  • Bring a pet that can lay down Minefield, such as all those quirky Robots we used for our Burst Damage team awhile back.
  • If you don’t remember, Minefield does heavy damage to the next enemy pet that swaps in.
  • Then you bring in a pet that physically forces pet swaps to proc the Minefield damage.
  • He also tries to add a lot of DoTs that can tick away damage on the backline for the pet that was swapped out.

It’s a super solid idea, and he started with: Kun-Lai Runt, Crawling Claw, and Lil Smoky (a clone of the Clockwork Rocket Bot)

This is a super solid lineup, and Ebon likes that the stuns from Kun-Lai Runt can force pet swaps on the enemy team, allowing him the time to swap his own pets without any major penalty.

Crawling Hand is an amazing pet, but it’s also incredibly rare. It’s a blue-quality artifact from Archeology, and comes from the Tol’vir category, which is one of the most difficult ones to farm. I’ve been trying to get it for over a month now and still haven’t gotten it. So I had to make some compromises when building my own team based off of this idea.

I like the Kun-Lai Runt’s role in this team, but he definitely feels like he’s not core to the strategy–we could find other pets to apply the same pressure and CC.

The core of this strategy is laying down Minefield and forcing pet swaps. So I’m going with Enchanted Broom and Clockwork Rocket Bot as my two pets

WoW Pet Battle Swap Smoke

Why These Particular Pets

Most of the robot pets have the same ability lineup. If you’ve already leveled Mini Thor or the clockwork rocket bots, feel free to use them instead of the Clockwork Rocket Bot.

Really any robot that can lay down Minefield will work fine in this team, but I chose the Clockwork Rocket Bot in particular because anyone can buy it for 50 gold from a vendor in Dalaran. And I like that this type of robot offers a Curse-of-Doom-like delayed nuke with Sticky Grenade, which I really enjoyed on the Double Damage team.

There were a couple pets to choose from for the Death Grip-like ability, and I’ll have some in the third-wheel section. But I settled on the Broom as the must-have for a few reasons:

  • It’s a broom willing to battle dragons, and that is awesome.
  • It has Sandstorm, which is a great weather effect. Even though we aren’t using it in this lineup (since it conflicts with the Death Grip ability), it’s there for other teams.
  • With our ability lineup for this team, it will sport 3 different damage types, giving it a good possibility of countering an enemy pet.
  • It’s fast, which means that its pet-swap ability will interrupt the enemy’s turn, effectively stunning their pet.

How To Execute It

  1. 1. Start with Clockwork Rocket Bot, and throw down minefield.
  2. 2. Launch a Sticky Grenade, as long as an Elemental pet isn’t on the field.
  3. 3. If the enemy swapped pets, put down another Minefield. If not, swap to the Broom.
  4. 4. Cast Wind-up to boost damage by 10%.
  5. 5. If the enemy has not swapped pets already, use Sweep to force a swap.
  6. 6. Cast Wind-up to deal heavy damage to it (kill it?)
  7. 7. Fight it dead.
  8. 8. Bring in the Clockwork Rocket Bot and start over with Minefield.
  9. 9. Swap to Third Wheel and force another pet swap.
  10. 10. Fight them all dead.

I think the trick with this team will be learning what is the right frequency to swap my own pets. If I’m swapping my pets every other turn, I’m wasting the advantage that my forced pet-swaps on the enemy team are giving me.


I’m a little concerned that both pets have Mechanical damage types, which have proven troublesome for me in the past, but the Broom’s Mechanical damage can be mostly avoided by selecting other abilities–so hopefully that won’t be a problem.

I’m also a little worried that the trick–lay minefield, pet swap, then force pet swap–might be a little too gimmicky, and that it won’t always pay off. But I’m hopeful that if I don’t try to overdue it, and bring in a third wheel that can trade really well, it won’t be a problem.

WoW Pet Battle Swap Frosty

Suggested Third Wheels

Kun-Lai Runt is a solid pet all-around, and will do well vs pretty much any pet out there. The added perk of stuns forcing the enemy team to either waste a turn or swap into the minefield is an added bonus.

Creepy Crate has Death Grip (a forced pet swap ability), but that’s about it. It’s not a great pet otherwise. I’ve fallen into this trap of fitting the team theme, but not being a great pet on its own.

If you’re one of the lucky few to have the Crawling Claw pet, you should absolutely use it as your third wheel. It’s significantly better than Creepy Crate in this composition because it can run Death Grip (the pet swap ability) and Curse of Doom (the long-duration Nuke debuff) at the same time. The Creepy Crate forces you to choose between the two, and doesn’t give you a worthwhile ability in the third slot.

Other stun pets might be worthwhile, but there are so many, I need to do more research to pick between them.

Ebon also suggested a few third wheels in his email:

  • Dragon Kite: “I thought of this pet for similar reason as the Mini Thor it has the ability Volcano which deals damage over time to the current enemy.”
  • Thundering Serpent Hatchling: “This one I have not tested yet but seems like it might work well, the Cyclone ability because it can still hit the swapped out pet along with all of the other pets on the team.”
  • Frosty: “His Call Blizzard attack makes all pets chilled for 9 rounds the kun-lai runts stun ability is 100% chance to stun if the target is chilled however this has a 4 round Cd so this may just be a waste, the other ability he has is Blistering Cold it is a Dot and also seems like it would force a pet swap.”
  • Ji-Kun Hatchling: “This is the one I used before I started using the Lil’Smoky it was mainly my clean up guy, But he has Acidic Goo it very nice Dot spell that also increases damage taken by the target by 25% , Then Caw & start with his Slicing wind this usually took things out pretty quick.”

How To Get The Pets

Enchanted Broom
The Enchanted Broom is a fancy little pet sold by the quartermaster at the Argent Tournament, the big daily quest hub in northern Icecrown out in the cold, desolate Northrend. You’ll need 40 Champion’s Seals to purchase it, and the Seals are earned by doing daily quests in the area. It should be super easy as a high-level character to acquire the Seals need, but it’ll take time.

The big catch is that only the Blood Elf vendor sells the Broom, which means you need to unlock the vendor by completing a lot of daily quests to progress through the ranks of the tournament crew. The quests are fun, but it’s going to take awhile.
Bring: A level 80+ Horde character, and a lot of time.

Clockwork Rocket Bot
This one’s nice and easy. You can get a lot of different Clockwork Rocket Bot-like pets, but the easiest one is the Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot. Just head to Dalaran and buy one for 50 gold from any of these four vendors in Dalaran, Orgrimmar, or Stormwind.
Bring: a level 20+ character that has leveled professions, and a love for minigames.

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