WoW Pet Battle Plant Beam

WoW Pet Battle Team: Terrible Turnip and Singing Sunflower

There are a lot of Undead pets roaming out there in PvP right now. It’s not really surprising: their passive is one of the best in the game, and they’ve got a lot of cool attacks.

But it’s still a problem, because these undead zombies are killing me. And that makes me sad. But if Popcap’s awesome tower defense game taught me anything, it’s that zombies have one crucial weakness: plants!

So this week, we’re building a team filled only with leafy greens your mother would be proud to see on your dinner plate.

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WoW Pet Battle Plant Pets

Terrible Turnip

Role: Tank, utility
Type: Elemental (Rare)
Source: Farm or Auction House
Defining Ability: Sons of the Root

Singing Sunflower

Role: DPS, Heals
Type: Elemental (Rare)
Source: Lawn of the Dead (quest)
Defining Ability: Photosynthesis

The team

The team’s philosophy is similar to that of our previous team, the dinosaurs. But instead of looking for sharp talons and prehistoric scales, we’re looking for fragile twigs and pretty flowers.

It may not sound deadly, it may not look deadly, but brother, nature can be a real jerk sometimes. So saddle up, grab from rash cream, and don’t eat the mushrooms as we head out on our plant-gathering adventure.

Why These Particular Pets

For my starting duo, I’m going with the Terrible Turnip and Singing Sunflower.

There are six solid reasons why Terrible Turnip is a great battle pet — one for each of its awesome abilities. He’s some nice healing potential, good evasion, a valuable weather effect, and is the absolute best option in the game for capturing wild pets. I’ll explain why a bit later in the show if you haven’t already heard about him.

The second pet is the glorious Singing Sunflower, which has the distinction of being the easily most happy pet in the entire game. Seriously — half of this guy’s face is just a giant smile. It also has some great abilities, including a big nuke which I like as insurance against the Terrible Turnip’s small chunks poke damage.

WoW Pet Battle Plant Wave

  • 1. Start with Singing Sunflower.
  • 2. If they have a weather pet out, start with Photosynthesis to get the heals going.
  • 3. If not, just straight to the wombo combo by casting Sunlight.
  • 4. As soon as Sunlight and Photosynthesis are out, I nuke with Solar Beam.
  • 5. And wait as they try to punch me while I heal every turn.
  • 6. After the recharge time is over, I put Photosynthesis on again and move the Singing Sunflower to the backline, where it can heal up to full over 4-5 turns.
  • 7. Bring in Terrible Turnip next, and buy time for the Sunflower to heal by leeching life and dropping into the dirt for 3 rounds.
  • 8. Swap back to the Flower or the third wheel for more follow-up damage and just pick off the enemy pets while healing.

It sounds pretty fun, and the biggest thing I love about this team is the diversity in the ability Types. It’s got AoE damage, object removal, DoTs, self heals, team heals, single-target nukes, avoidance, and small speed-based swings.

That feels like I’ll have an answer for almost anything the enemy team throws at me. And that list is just from the first two pet. The third pet should be able to add a lot more!


But the flipside is obviously that while the TYPES of attacks are incredibly diverse, the family is not: they’re almost all Elemental damage. That’ll rock versus Mechanical pets, who take extra damage from them, but it’ll really hurt vs Critters, who it deals less damage against.

I think Critters will be really popular after patch 5.4 as well (which I’ll be talking about on my next episode!). They’re going to be completely immune to CC, which could potentially be very strong against a lot of popular PvP strategies right now.

But that’s really my only concern for the team, and Elements have a lot of really good pets, so I’m not too worried about it.

WoW Pet Battle Plant Spores

Suggested Third Wheels

There are a lot of plant or plant-like pets in WoW, but it’s not always easy to track them down since they don’t have their own category. Most of them got lumped in with Elementals, so you can usually scroll down that list to find the leafy friends you already own. Here are some of my top picks for the third wheel.

Withers was actually my first choice for this team’s second pet. He looks awesome and has fairly unique, interesting abilities. But I learned my lesson from the Dinosaurs team: interesting looks does not always come with effective abilities. Wither’s has some solid abilities (including Ironbark and another heal that doubles in sunlight) but his list is similar in type to the Terrible Turnip’s, and that makes me nervous. I still think he’s a great pet, though, and he’ll definitely be in my third wheel first.

Fungal Abomination is a big contender for the third wheel slot because, unlike everything else on this list it’s Undead. And although that means I’m turning into exactly what I hated, since this whole thing started with a commentary on the overabundance of Undead pets, this is really the only way to prevent this team from being entirely Elemental.

But there are plenty of other options too:

  • Teldrassil Sproutling
  • Ammen Vale Lashling
  • Sinister Squashling — I almost picked this guy just so I could do a bad boy veggies team with Sinister Squashling and the Terrible Turnip
  • Ruby Sapling
  • Blossoming Ancient
  • Tiny Bog Beast
  • Venus – This is the pet you get from the achievement for owning 400 unique pets. You can bet your pet trap that I’ll be trying this out at least once after I spent a whole weekend farming pets just to get it. It has some awesome abilities too, including another Sunlight weather effect–I’d feel a lot better with two of them.

WoW Pet Battle Plant Sun

How To Get The Pets

Terrible Turnip
The Terrible Turnip is a terrible jerk in my books. The only natural way to collect him is to farm on that wonderful plot of land you can acquire in the Valley of the Four Winds on Pandaria. Every time you harvest a crop that produces vegetables (so not those fancy-pants plants that give you leather or motes of harmony or anything shiny like that).

Every plant harvest has a chance to give you the pet. It supposedly just plops right down in your inventory. I wouldn’t know though, because I tried farming every day for about two months before finally giving up on my dreams of pulling one straight from the soft ground.

Instead, I picked one up from the auction house for a surprisingly cheap price of 500 gold. I’d recommend that route if you haven’t gotten one already. We might be done with the team by the time you farm one up the old-fashioned way!
Bring: A level-90 character in Pandaria and a few month time, or 500 gold.

Singing Sunflower
The Singing Sunflower is another odd case. It’s a quest reward from an incredible level-20 quest out in Hillsbrad Foothills. The quest chain is a really fun tower defense-style game, and even if you don’t want this pet at all, I highly recommend you go check it out. It has five steps, starting with the quest Basic Botany and ending with Lawn of the Dead, which rewards the pet.

Horde and Alliance can both do the quest, but your character must be at least level 20 to accept it.
Bring: a level 20+ character, and a little bit of free time.

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