WoW Pet Battle Best Team

WoW Pet Battle Team: The Best Pets

We’re building our 10th pet battle team on the show this week! We’ve fought with a lot of great pets along the way, and I think it’s time we return to our roots and build a team without some fancy aesthetic theme. It’s time to build a team that wins, composed entirely of pets we’ve used in previous teams.

The very first team we tested was our Mechanical Monsters team, which revolved around casting Lightning Storm, the weather effect that boosts Mechanical damage and adds damage to every hit taken. It’s a fun team, and I still get messages about once a week from new pet battlers trying it out and having success with it.

So this week, when we’re celebrating our 10th team, we’re going to pay homage to the classic. This is a little team that I like to call Lightning Storm 2.0

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WoW Pet Battle Best Pets

Terrible Turnip

Role: Tank, utility
Type: Elemental (Rare)
Source: Farm or Auction House
Ability: Sons of the Root

Corefire Imp

Role: DPS Tank
Type: Humanoid (Rare)
Source: Magmadar in Molten Core
Defining Ability: Immolation

Tranquil Mechanical Yeti

Role: DPS, Weather
Type: Mechanical (Uncommon)
Source: Quest in Winterspring
Defining Ability: Call Lightning

The Team

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Lightning Storm team without Call Lightning. And for that, we’re summoning my personal pet-obsession, and one of the weirder concepts for a pet in WoW: the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti.

Our Mechanical Monsters team tried to stack Mechanical damage, but this time we’re doing something a little different. We’re going for elusive, survival pets that can throw out a lot of DoTs to proc that lightning storm constantly.

And when I want survival, elusive, and DoTs, I always go-to one of my most dependable pets: the Corefire Imp.

But, wait, there’s more! Build this team now and we’ll throw in a third pet this week! I’m doing this because there’s actually a lot of really cool combinations with the pets we’ve used before — and I don’t want to limit us. You can still bring a third wheel, but you can replace any of the three pets you want!

So the third pet this week is that adorably Terrible Turnip! That’s right, the weak link of last month’s team is back. He’s holding a stereo outside your window, and he’s ready to rock your world. Give him another chance!

Why These Particular Pets

The Mechanical Yeti provides the weather effect that ties this whole team together, and is there for burst-damage removal when its needed.

The Corefire Imp is there to boost and abuse the Call Lightning damage from the backline, while it heals up between trips to the front line.

Terrible Turnip is there to proc lightning strikes like he’s Benjamin Franklin and stall out the enemy team while they take big damage.

WoW Pet Battle Best Roots

How I Want The Fight To Go

  • Start with Mechanical Yeti and cast Call Lightning.
  • If the enemy pet is super powerful, I leave the Yeti in and punch it until he’s in nuke range of Ion Cannon.
  • Otherwise, bring out the Corefire Imp.
  • Cast Immolation and Wild Magic.
  • If the enemy pet is dangerous, stay out and spam Burn.
  • Otherwise, swap to Terrible Turnip (or Yeti if Call Lightning needs to be refreshed).
  • Leech Seed + Sons of Root while my DoTs tear up the enemy pet.
  • Then bring out the Yeti and start it over.

I like the sound of that, especially how flexible the lineup is. I don’t ever need to go in a certain order, and I have 3 different family of pets to pick from (Mechanical, Humanoid, and Elemental) so I can pick to counter or not-be-countered, based on whatever they’re playing.

And in my short-term testing for this team, I’ve had really good success in pulling off multiple orders. I’m currently sitting at a 7-2 win ratio (78%) that makes me feel confident.


I have to admit that I do have some concerns, though, as I always am when we build a team around a weather effect. We need Call Lightning to stick for this team to live up to its potential. But my recent matches have been good omens. It might just be my battlegroup, but I don’t see too many teams running weather effects lately. Most are doing self-contained combos, which is a good strategy, but it also means we may be free to rule the skies, which would be awesome!

WoW Pet Battle Best Toast

Suggested Third Wheels

Alright, let’s talk about the third wheel rules for this week, since we’ve already got three pets.

You can replace any of them with a third wheel, and you can replace them with anything. If you can make a pet we’ve already used on a team work, even better — but like I said at the top of the show, we want to build a team to win, first and foremost — so bring in any pets you like for the third wheel.

Here’s a few that I’ve been thinking about swapping in as I test — and as always, be sure to post your suggestions on, so the whole community can work together to try and build the best team.

1. Swap out Rabbit for the Terrible Turnip — The Rabbit is an awesome pet, with a lot of the same strengths we found in the Turnip: evasion and multiple hits per turn. He doesn’t have the AoE capability, and he doesn’t have an aquatic attack, but his single-target might be good enough that it doesn’t even matter.

2. Swap out Lil Ragnaros for the Terrible Turnip — Just like the rabbit, Lil Ragnaros is a good replacement for Terrible Turnip. He has an ability identical to Sons of the Root, but trades the AoE and DoT damage for singe-target damage. It won’t proc Call Lightning as often, but Lil Ragnaros’ punches deal some of the best damage in the game, so it might still be worth it.
For me personally, I really don’t like using Lil Ragnaros — he’s a cash-shop only pet that frankly is overpowered — his basic punch deals way too much damage compared to other abilities. I feel like I’m cheating when I play it, and that’s just not fun for me.

3. Swap out Zandalari Kneebiter for Corefire Imp — Zandalari Kneebiter could be an interesting sub here — it has a similar debuff that adds damage to every hit the enemy takes. Plus, its Hunting Part ability hits multiple times per turn, which’ll proc Call Lightning more often. My biggest concern here is that it’s a beast, meaning that any enemy Mechanical pet will just absolutely destroy it under the Call Lightning weather effect.

4. Swap out Lil XT for Corefire Imp — If you wanted to go for more of an AoE approach, Lil XT’s AoE damage would be pretty insane with the 25% boost and damage procs from Call Lightning.

Here’s a listing of all of our past teams, so that you can see the options available to you!

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WoW Pet Battle Best Zap

How To Get The Pets

Because these are all pets we’ve featured before, we’ve already built capture guides for them. So here they are!

How to capture the Terrible Turnip pet
How to capture the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti pet
How to capture the Corefire Imp pet

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