WoW Pet Battle Combo Team

WoW Pet Battle Team: Unborn Val’kyr and Nexus Whelpling

The Unborn Val’kyr has been the unofficial mascot of WoW pet battling for months now, as most tamers have been trying to abuse her powerful two-ability start that sends teams reeling.

This week we go all out with the combo theme, building an easy-to-use team that executes powerful combos to dish out the pain.

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WoW Pet Battle Combo Pets

Unborn Val’kyr

Role: DPS
Type: Undead
Source: Wild, Northrend zones
Ability: Haunt

Nexus Whelpling

Role: DPS
Type: Dragonkin
Source: Wild, Borean Tundra
Defining Ability: Mana Surge

The Team

The theme for this month’s team is keep it simple: we want each of our pets to have a straighforward two-move combo that can always be executed, no matter what.

Then we’re just going to punch face with our combos. No fancy tricks, no required pet swapping, just trust that our superior damage output or crowd control will carry the day.

Why These Particular Pets

Nexus Whelpling has one of my favorite combos in the game, and it was my very first thought when I started building this team. Its combo does massive damage for 3 turns in a row, and also prevents itself from being stunned or rooted, which is a nice side bonus.

It’s Magic damage, which is a pretty neutral type, benefiting vs Flying and weak vs Mechanical.

If you’ve been pet battling at all in the past couple months, you know why I chose the Unborn Val’kyr. It is the undisputed queen of the one-two punch, dishing out huge damage in the first two turns without taking very much in return.

She dishes out big Undead damage, which is a great damage type with all those pesky Humanoids running around.

WoW Pet Battle Combo Magic

How I Want The Fight To Go

I don’t have a major preference for which pet I start with, which is the best place to be. Ideally, I start with Unborn Val’kyr. Throw out a Curse of Doom and then Haunt the enemy pet.

The cool thing about Haunt is that since your pet dies, you get to swap in your next pet “for free,” meaning that it won’t take a cheap shot. Then the Nexus Whelping casts Arcane Winds and probably Frost Breaths if the Curse of Doom pet is still in play.

As soon as the Curse of Doom procs to kill the pet, or they swap out, I start Mana Surge. Odds are that it’ll hit at least 2 times, which should be enough to almost kill any pet that they swap in.

Hopefully that’ll leave us close to 2v1 as my Unborn Val’kyr comes back from the grave to start the process all over again with the third wheel pet.


My biggest concerns are that I don’t have the ideal breeds for either of these pets.

My Unborn Val’kyr is H/H which is about the worst possible combination, but it’s such a hard pet to get that I’m going to settle for it. But that means my pet will deal less damage with its DoTs and will also take a second hit before it Haunts the enemy — which is actually a big deal. So many pets use their first turn to set up a hit, and the second one to dish big damage or a stun. Taking a second hit every time they Haunt could be a big deal.

My Nexes Whelping is S/S which is okay since it’ll help land more damage, but I wish it had some Power in there too, to make that Mana Surge punch a bit harder.

I’m also a little worried that everyone expects the Unborn Val’kyr because so many people are running it. Most everyone’s figured out how they prefer to deal with it.

WoW Pet Battle Combo Yetis

Suggested Third Wheels

Kun-Lai Runt
Gilnean Raven
Lil Ragnaros
Harbinger of Flame
Spirit of Summer
Feline Familiar
Pandaren Monk
Tranquil Mechanical Yeti
Zandalari Kneebiter
Death Adder Hatchling

How To Get The Pets

Unborn Val’kyr
This is one of the most obnoxious pets you’ll ever hunt, so I should probably apologize for putting it on this list. But the pet is so good that it’s worth it! The Unborn Val’kyr can spawn in three different locations in every single Northrend zone. That’s 20-or-something different spawn locations, at least a minute apart by flying. Oh, and it’s a super rare spawn, which means you’ll need to fly around or park alts at the spawn points for quite some time before finding it. I got lucky and was able to get it in one day. Use this Wowhead comments page to help with the coordinates.

Nexus Whelpling
This one’s nice and simple. It’s a wild pet outside the Nexus in northwest Borean Tundra, you just have to fly around for awhile until an open one spawns, and then keep chasing it until you get the quality and breed you like.

WoW Pet Battle Combo Sac


The Question

Eleanor/Diedre: “Can you help with a team suited for the No Time to Heal achievement?”

Listen to the show for my full answer and a ton of pet recommendations!

Some useful abilities:
Shell Shield
Soul Ward and other dodge effects
Healing Wave
Leech Life

Recommended level-10 team:
Corefire Imp: Rush, Immolate, Cauterize
Blossoming Ancient: Ironbark, Autumn Breeze, Stun Seed
Zandalari Footslasher: Hunting Party, Leap, Bloodfang

WoW Pet Battle Combo Block

The Crew Combo

“Snake Bite” by Fumblefoot

Abilities: Poison Fang + Puncture Wound
Pets: Kovok / Death Adder Hatchling

  1. 1. Poison Fang: A simple DoT
  2. 2. Puncture Wound: Big punch to the face that deals double damage to poisoned targets
  3. 3. (if Kovok) Digest Brain: Instant self-heal
  4. 3. (if Death Adder Hatchling) Blinding Poison: Reduce enemy chance to hit for 1 turn.

Damage Breakdown:
Poison Fang: 280 + 70 + 70 = 420 damage
Puncture Wound: 600 damage
(Either) Heal for 600 / Free pet swap

Average Per Turn:
340 damage per turn
(Either) 200 heal per turn / a free turn to pet swap

The Review

Haluunka: “Thank you so much for all this fantastic information!!! I just started doing pvp pet battles and was getting totally crushed and no idea why, laugh!! Now I understand and am learning so much from you show (I still have not won a pvp battle, but it’s closer not and not a total wipe lol)!!! Thank you!!! Tygranne NE DK Aerie Peak Server.”

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