WoW Pet Battle Dino Swarm

WoW Pet Battle Team: Zandalari Kneebiter and Diemetradon Hatchling

Dinosaurs once ruled the earth, and it’s about time they started ruling pet battles too. I’m doing my part to help our new oversized, scaly overlords by building an all-dinosaur pet team this week.

If it’s large, prehistoric, and ready to bite face, I’m considering for my team this week. I hope you’re ready to ignore the cautionary tale of Jurassic Park and join in with me!

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WoW Pet Battle Dino Pets

Zandalari Kneebiter

Role: DPS
Type: Beast (Rare)
Source: Zandalari Dinomancer
Defining Ability: Hunting Party

Diemetradon Hatchling

Role: DPS
Type: Beast (varied quality)
Source: Wild pet
Defining Ability: Triple Snap

The team

The team’s philosophy is simple: if it lived in prehistoric times as a ferocious beast of dinosauric proportions, it’s cleared for access!

Of course, picking out the actual dinosaurs from the plehtora of dinosaur-like monsters in the Warcraft universe isn’t easy. There are a lot of grey-area cases that you’ll have to learn to navigate for yourself — let you dinosaur conscience be your guide.

Why These Particular Pets

The Zandalari Kneebiter was a pretty easy choice. I knew I wanted a raptor on my team, because raptors are crazy awesome, so I pulled up all of the raptors on Warcraftpets. There are a lot of them.

Then I went down the list and looked for the one with the most killing potential. There were a lot of good options, but the Kneebiter definitely stood out from the rest due to two key abilities: Hunting Party and Black Claw. I’ll get into that more in a second, though.

My second choice, I have to admit was based almost entirely on looks. There were a lot of evenly matched dinosaurs when just looking at their ability lists. But one look at Diemetradon Hatchling’s wicked prehistoric appearance and I knew I had to play him on this team. He’s the quintessential dinosaur pet in WoW, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him played in a PvP game. So bonus points for rarity.

WoW Pet Battle Dino Charge

How To Execute It

  1. 1. Start with the Zandalari Kneebiter, and apply Black Claw.
  2. 2. Sound the alarm and start a tiny raptor Hunting Party. That ability deals damage in 3 chunks, letting Black Claw add a ton of damage to it.
  3. 3. On turn 3, the Hunting Party automatically continues. This time with the 100% damage taken debuff applied at the end of the last turn.
  4. 4. On turn 4, if the pet isn’t already dead or hasn’t swapped out, I use Bloodfang to deal roughly 900 damage, thanks to that same damage debuff. If it kills a pet, I heal for about 25% of my health.
  5. 5. At that point, Black Claw has worn off. So I apply it on whatever pet is on the field, then bring out the Diemetradon
  6. 6. Spam Triple Attack to proc Black Claw constantly
  7. 7. Use Comeback if he drops low
  8. 8. Switch to third wheel or the Kneebiter to rage!

I love how straightforward aggressive the team is. Spam attacks and tear face, just like dinosaurs should.

It’s important to note real fast how Black Claw functions on a technical level, because at first this team looks like it would be susceptible to Sandstorm, the powerful weather effect that’s very popular right now because it reduces a lot of damage from every hit taken.

Unlike Lightning Storm or Comeback, Black Claw doesn’t “deal bonus/additional damage” — that phrase means that the damage comes as a separate attack automatically cast when it’s triggered. Black Claw “adds X damage to each attack.” So instead, it just makes each attack a larger number, which effectively negates and overrides Sandstorm.

It may not sound like much, but I’m confident that distinction is going to completely save this team against pets like Anubisath Idol.


Other than the obvious concern that I could be breeding a Jurassic Park-like safe haven that will inevitable be breached by the dangerous dinosaurs inside, who will then decide to hunt all of humanity one-by-one until the gigantic lizards rule the earth once more.

Other than that fear, I’m a little concerned that the Diemetradon Hatchling’s power level is a little low. This is one time that I’m going to very strongly recommend you keep farming for the rare version of this pet. It’s ability lineup is barely average, and if it’s run at uncommon level, I think it could be quite disappointing.

I think if I can farm a pure-power breed that’s rare quality it will be alright. His job will just be to go out there, and bite people til he falls. Oh, and look awesome. He’s going to do that every game.

But the biggest concern I have is that I won’t be able to come up with cool enough names for these guys. Maybe you all can help me with that. I want some awesome names that play up the fun dinosaur/Jurassic Park motif. If you’ve got ideas, put them in the comments!

I’m also a little concerned that they’re both Beasts with most Beast attacks, but I think that can be negated by the…

WoW Pet Battle Dino Chomp

Suggested Third Wheels

Pterrordax Hatchling is another awesome-looking dinosaur pet. It’s also flying, which helps diversify the team, but its ability roster is pretty uninspiring. It’s the only non-Roach I know of that can summon the giant meteor that kills everything except Roaches. It’s kind of a weird idea for a non-Roach pet.

You could build a full Raptor squad, since there are a ton of different raptor hatchling pets out there, but I think we have enough Beasts with Beast damage already anyways.

The better Raptor army team might go for Fossilized Hatchling or Cogblade Raptor, two raptor pets with cool ability lineups that also break out of the Beasts family.

Direhorn (basically baby triceratops) pets might be a nice addition as well. Aesthetically they’re very cool, and their ability lineup is solid.

And then there’s the whole pyramid filled with dinosaur-like monsters that each individual might or might not be willing to accept onto their Dino Team. I’ll put the full list of what I think might fit our idea of dinosaurs on the blog, so check that out if you want to see more.

  • Death Talon Whelpguard
  • Gahz’rooki
  • Curious Oracle Hatchling
  • Whelpling
  • Elder Python
  • Dragonhawk
  • Jungle Grub
  • Legs
  • Nether Faerie Dragon
  • Proto-Drake Whelp
  • Untamed Hatchling
  • Jade Tentacle
  • Ravager Hatchling
  • Spawn of G’nathus
    • WoW Pet Battle Dino Hatchling

      How To Get The Pets

      Zandalari Kneebiter
      The Zandalari Kneebiter is a sneaky little dude. He drops alongside 3 other new raptor pets that all bite different lower-body parts on the Isle of Giants, that big new island just off the Northern coast of Pandaria that is filled with Dinosaurs.

      They drop from elite Zandalari Trolls called Zandalari Dinomancers on the island. They only drop from those mobs (although Direhorns do drop from the Direhorns there if you want to farm both at the same time). They can be a bit tough to solo for some classes, so I’d recommend bringing a friend (or just playing a Hunter like me). Interrupt their heal and use the Intact Direhorn Hide you can buy from a vendor on the island to sneak around if you can’t stealth.

      The drop rate is about 3%, so if you hate farming for low-drop items, you might be better off just buying one off the auction house. They were only about 1-2k gold on my server. Be warned: they can have different breeds, so check before you level yours.
      Bring: A level 90 geared character, a friend, or 1-2k gold.

      Diemetradon Hatchling
      The Diemetradon Hatchling is another weird pet to capture, but it’s significantly easier. Diemetradon Hatchlings are wild pets in southwest Un’goro Crater.

      The trick is that they don’t spawn by themselves. Instead, the Elder Diemetradons that wander the area have a chance when they spawn to essentially be “mothers”. This is not a name change or signified by anything players can see. It’s just a decision made behind the scenes on the server when the NPC spawns. “Mothers” will spawn a hatchling roughly every 5 minutes if it doesn’t have one active.

      That means you want as many “mother” Diemetradons alive in the area, and all Elder Diemetradons that aren’t “mothers” dead, so that they have a chance to respawn with a pet.

      Go to the area and do a full loop, killing all non-moms and battling all Diemetradon Hatchlings that you find. Before you battle it, though, mark the Elder NPC that spawned it with a raid symbol (star, circle, etc).

      That will make sure that you remember which ones to not kill when you make your follow-up loop. Just keep doing that until you get lucky and get a rare drop. I still haven’t gotten mine after about 30 minutes of investment. Most people on Wowhead reported roughly 1-2 hours to get the rare breed they wanted. So it’s not too bad.
      Bring: a level 50+ character, and some free time.

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