Boat Boat

You Must Build a Boat

Don’t ask questions. You must build a boat. It doesn’t matter why. Stop asking. Ugh, you’re really not going to let this go are you? Fine!

You must build a boat so that you can sail to differently themed regions and fight your way through dungeons to collect currency and tools that increase your power and fill up your homebase boat with all sorts of goodies to play with! Oh, and you do all that via clever match-3 gameplay combined with simple side-scrolling puzzle combat.

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How It Works

  • Your character automatically runs through 2D, side-scrolling dungeons, encountering enemies, hurdles, and treasures along the way.
  • You play match-3 games (think Bejeweled), combining different types of blocks to make your character take specific actions like slash with their sword, cast a spell, open a lock, or charge up their shields.
  • The faster you can find combinations and chain together combos in the puzzle game, the bigger and more powerful your character is in the dungeon.
  • You eventually need to use a lot of long-term strategy to make efficient use of all the puzzle pieces at your disposal.
  • Everything you do in these dungeon runs earns your currency or collection items or completes quests.
  • All of those things feed back into your boat, which is your persistent base that offers a plethora of RPG-style upgrades, and gives you new tricks to manipulate the game board in dungeons.
  • As you complete quests and clear dungeons, your boat gets bigger and more powerful, and you travel to new areas to spread the good news of boat supremacy.

Boat Chest

Why You Should Play It

  • You won’t be bored, I swear! Many people are sick of match-3 games by now, but combining it with RPG-style dungeon crawling makes it feel relevant and fresh.
  • YOU MUST BUILD A BOAT. I don’t know how I can be anymore clear on this point. You don’t have a choice!
  • Quests provide constant challenges that get you thinking beyond the usual “How can I make efficient combos?” mindset.
  • I’m hooked on leveling up all of the things in my boat, and there are so many little pets and gizmos to collect! The persistent progression is super compelling for anyone who likes collecting things.
  • Time is never wasted. Even if you don’t complete the quest in a dungeon, you always earn some currency or items to spend on upgrading your boat.
  • You go to hell. For some reason, that’s really a level that you must sail your boat to and conquer. Take that, Satan!

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