Hearthstone Arcane Swipe

Hearthstone: The Arcane Druid Deck

Redbeard launched a revolution in our last deck battle episode when he finally toppled the 6-month reigning deck to claim the throne for his Barbarian Warrior deck. This week, the first challenger approaches: a Spell Power-heavy Druid deck designed to stall to the late-game and nuke you down in one, horrifying turn.

Can the lunar-powered Druid handle the might of a rage-filled Warrior loaded to the gills with weapons? We find out this week!

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  • Mick is on the show this week
  • Topic: The Arcane Druid deck
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What is a Deck Battle?

Once a month, a guest host brings their favorite deck onto the show to battle the current reigning champion deck for control of the Happy Hearthstone Deck Battle Throne!

If the challenger wins the best-of-3 series, their deck becomes the new Reigning Champion Deck and will fight off future challengers until it loses, or until it’s earned its place in the Happy Hearthstone Hall of Fame!

View the Deck Battle Archive + The Happy Hearthstone Hall of Fame

The Deck

  • The Arcane Druid: Stay alive. Kill them with massively empowered spells late.
  • How it wins: This is a Druid control deck that ramps up nicely into a Spell Power massacre. It takes advantage of an under-utilized Legendary, Malygos, and a number of versatile Druid Spells to really frustrate and confuse your opponent.

Five Key Cards

  • Malygos: You can’t really play the deck without him. Sorry.
  • Swipe: Once buffed, it destroys everything. Great for board clears and can be used to go to your opponents face.
  • Ancient of War: So very versatile, but he’s really there to set up the Malygos Drop. Ironbarks can be used as a substitute.
  • Starfire: Once Malygos is out, this becomes a super cheap, straight-to-the-face Pyroblast. Paired with Swipe, you can do 19 damage in one turn and clear the board.
  • Wrath: Early game, this is great for helping you keep the board clear.

Hearthstone Arcane Cards

Full Deck List

You can get more insight into the deck by reading Redbeard’s guide, which goes through every single card with full explanation and advice, but here’s the simple deck list with no commentary (ordered by mana cost), if you’d rather just try it out yourself.




If you don’t have all of the ideal cards, here are some quality backups and alterations you can make that keep with the same theme and strengths of the deck.

The Defending Champion Deck

Redbeard’s Barbarian Warrior Deck uses weapons and fast-acting minions to put the pressure on early and keep momentum up into the mid-game.

The Barbarian Warrior Deck has reigned supreme for 1 month, and has beaten 1 deck before this episode.

The Duel!

Josh’s perspective

Post-Duel Commentary

  • Who won
  • Obligatory bragging session
  • Challenger Deck: How well did it perform?
  • Defending Deck: How well did it perform?
  • Best moments in the matches
  • The Happy Hearthstone Champion Ceremony(tm)


  • Scott Valentine: “Do you hold onto silence effect cards for late-game or play them early? Have you had any creative uses of Silence.”
  • iTunes Review: Callum Orr

Card of the Week

Hearthstone Naturalize


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